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Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt



On the 21st anniversary of the creation of its famous slogan, ‘Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin’, UK woodcare brand Ronseal decided to celebrate the notable date by dropping the strapline.

Created in 1994 at the behest of Ronseal’s marketing director who wanted a campaign that promoted the honesty of both the brand and the products. It is now the third most recognised slogan of all time and according to the BBC has become part of the vernacular.

The phrase is used by media outlets across the world, from a news channel in New Zealand reviewing a film, to the latest results from a university developing new technologies for hydro-power. Read more on Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt…

How are football clubs combating Twitter misuse by players?

With over 13.8 million Twitter followers combined, Premier League football clubs have quickly become a source of information and entertainment to the Twitter universe. Some 25% of sports fans consume sport based content via Social Media, and this figure is expected to keep growing as the adoption rate for second screen viewing increases. Undoubtedly, football and Twitter are a match made in heaven – fans can air their opinions openly, converse with players, pundits and fans across the globe and it regularly acts as a “breaking news” outlet for transfer, injury and match information.

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Are there certain industries that shouldn’t be using Social Media?


There have been so many articles in recent years about why companies should be harnessing Social Media – most of these articles have been written by industry professionals like myself attempting to secure business. These articles often talk about the benefits for lead generation, developing online communities and securing brand reputation – all entirely acceptable and credible reasons for looking to integrate Social Media into a larger marketing and communications strategy. So, with this in mind I’ve decided to take an alternate approach and look at some industries and situations where Social Media simply might not be appropriate. Read more on Are there certain industries that shouldn’t be using Social Media?…

Read more on Are there certain industries that shouldn’t be using Social Media?…

Charity Hijacks Twitter Hashtag For Good #FirstWorldProblems

Third World Anthem

How many Twitter hashtags have we seen hijacked in the past 12 months? Only last month Waitrose fell foul to the Twitter trend of “bashtagging” – users flooding a brand created hashtag with negative comments against the originator.

Last week however the tables were turned on the mischievous Twitterverse as a charity gave users a taste of their own medicine. Campaigners for providing the third world with clean water, “WATERisLIFE”, decided that Twitter users in the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag were taking their lifestyle for granted, and decided to use social media to address the issue.

The Social Media Watchdog blog Social Slurp (created by Blueclaw specialising in Social Media in Leeds) picked up on the campaign last week and explained that the Twitter hashtag #FirstWorldProblems was being used to mock users of their petty concerns that they have in  “first world” countries. For example, tweets included: Read more on Charity Hijacks Twitter Hashtag For Good #FirstWorldProblems…

Odeon complaint generates over 120k Likes and 10k comments in 4 days


A wall post complaining about the cost and quality of an Odeon cinema experience that appeared on the official Odeon Facebook Page on Friday has generated an astonishing 122,468 Likes and 10,408 comments. To make matters worse, the complaint has come on the UK summer bank holiday when the Odeon’s social media team appear to have been “on holiday” and have not responded to the complaint.

The  disgruntled cinema-goer left a 466 word complaint entitled “Dear Odeon” and criticised the cinema company for overpriced tickets, food and drink, lazy customer service at the refreshments kiosk and their movie being disrupted by the cinema screen next them showing The Dark Knight Rises (the films booming sound effects being audible through the walls). To round of his complaint, the Facebook user scoffed at the anti-piracy notice shown at the beginning of the film promising that the cinema experience was considerably better than a pirated download. Read more on Odeon complaint generates over 120k Likes and 10k comments in 4 days…

History of Computers; From the Abacus to the iPad [Infographic]

Saturday (23rd June) would have been the 100th birthday of English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist, Alan Turing.

Without Turing’s contribution to the advancement of computer science most of us would be sat at empty desks, just day-dreaming about a tool that could change the world of business and leisure forever. Read more on History of Computers; From the Abacus to the iPad [Infographic]…