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Awwdvertising – McVitie’s scores with cuddly biscuits

McVitiesI absolutely love the new McVitie’s ads. I run cool on most days, but the unabashedly adorable ads created by Grey London turn me to a quivering, wide-eyed, little puddle on the floor.

It’s not news that adland has been furiously scribbling notes dictated by short form internet content. Both mediums are rife with our animal friends being sweet in their furry and feathered glory. The Andrex Puppy, the First Direct Platypus, Cravendale Cats, Meerkats, Belvita Sloths, Funky Pigeons are part of an ever expanding list of animal protagonists. Read more on Awwdvertising – McVitie’s scores with cuddly biscuits…

My big fat Sponsorship study

Sponsorship makes up 6% of global marketing spend and is forecast to grow by 2% in 2013. This contradicts the shift seen in the last post-Olympic year (see fig. Below, Source: GroupM).

Global Sponsorship spend trends

While I’ve cooled off somewhat, the rest of the UK is certainly still radiating post Olympic glow. Take a look at top sponsors like P&G, Samsung and Adidas who effectively used the event platform to support their brand fame.

Below is an excerpt from research Ipsos ASI conducted at the Olympic Torch relay events. The image below is a wordle made of things people said about the event, with a few comments pulled out to illustrate. Enjoyment, belonging, pride – large events really bring key human motivations to the surface. A rich canvas for any brand to be associated with. Read more on My big fat Sponsorship study…

Influential Brands and what makes them tick

With convergence of markets, proliferation of choice and information more accessible than ever, the challenge for brands to present and mould themselves into distinct personalities is ever increasing. Going beyond a product or service function and becoming a set of values, symbols, icons that target consumers can relate to is a key goal for brand owners. This is a relationship building function that needs to evolve along with culture, society and changing preferences.

Read more on Influential Brands and what makes them tick…

Where to next for Three’s Dancing Pony?

Where to next for Three's Dancing Pony?At advertising conferences you often hear people saying things like “Back in the day, consumers were considered eyeballs with wallets” – like passive captives unable to look away, imbibing messaging and responding as intended.

A bit odd (and amusing) to think of consumers of yore as such pliable, complacent beings. More likely that they were a lot more forgiving of messaging because there wasn’t quite so much of it around. Read more on Where to next for Three’s Dancing Pony?…

‘The Next Big Thing’ vs. ‘The Laws of Physics’ – How Samsung won me over

The Samsung Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy: smartphone brand doubles UK market shareI had the luxury of a long break in December during which I went to a friend’s wedding in the Himalayan foothills.

When distracted by the stunning scenery, a light fingered passerby made away with my unattended purse. Luckily it had been emptied of passport and wallet the previous day, so the only real loss was my Smartphone. My pathway to friends, chronicler of past and diarist of the future, irreplaceable extension of my bionic existence – I was crushed. Well…briefly anyway. Read more on ‘The Next Big Thing’ vs. ‘The Laws of Physics’ – How Samsung won me over…