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Samsung Techwin Europe unveils global marketing campaign

Samsung Techwin Europe is launching a marketing campaign to reposition the brand globally.


The latest work for the surveillance product brand has been created by Monk, which was appointed as lead agency in 2015.

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Infographic: The strategy behind Google’s most costly acquisitions

Google has launched enhanced campaigns, what does it meanBetween January 2012 and January 2014, Google spent more on acquisitions that its five biggest competitors combined. It bloody loves shopping.

But ever wondered why it went after the likes of Nest, YouTube and AdMob? And what, pray, does it have its eye on next? Read more on Infographic: The strategy behind Google’s most costly acquisitions…

How to market to Gen Z

Young browsers: internet use among children is on the increaseIn the next few years, Generation Z – those born around the year 2000 – will be hitting their upper teens, entering their 20s and starting to become much more important to marketers.

New research from mobile marketing agency Global Messaging has revealed that 81% of Gen Z use some kind of social media; 66% list gaming as their main hobby; and 25% left Facebook in 2014.

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Infographic: SEO checklist for 2015

bigstockSeoWordCloudThe seemingly ever-changing SEO landscape, with its nuanced rules around Google’s algorithms and external linking, can be a minefield for even the most digitally savvy marketers.

As such, we were delighted to stumble across this infographic, detailing a simple checklist of points to consider – and those to avoid – when planning or updating your SEO strategy. Read more on Infographic: SEO checklist for 2015…

What makes a good slogan?

M&MsEver wondered what the formula is for devising a perfect slogan? Simplicity? Memorability?

A recent study by Texas Tech University found that creativity, clarity and brand familiarity are the factors that count. So which have stood the test of time? We take a look Read more on What makes a good slogan?…

Infographic: 15 digital trends for 2015

Internet of things by Steve Jurvetson FlickrResearch by digital consultancy Bell Pottinger Digital has revealed the 15 top digital trends that are set to change the way brands communicate in 2015.

This infographic captures the most talked about trends online in 2014 and ranks them in order of percentage increase throughout the year.

The top five digital trends include: Read more on Infographic: 15 digital trends for 2015…

The meaning of brand names

StarbuckscoffeeWe can all recognise the brand in the picture, but where did its name come from?

Did you know Häagen-Dazs is completely made up, while Reebok is named after a type of African antelope?

This infographic by 7Brands takes some of the most famous brands in the world and looks at the origins and meanings of their names.

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Infographic: Snapchat vs Facebook

chat vs faceIn the ever-present battle for social media supremacy, we pitted Facebook against its younger rival to compare founders, profits, usage and past controversies.

Snapchat may be in its infancy in comparison to the mighty Facebook, but with a new advertising strategy and opportunities for brands to market themselves on its platform, 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Infographic courtesy of   Read more on Infographic: Snapchat vs Facebook…

Infographic: Vine vs Vimeo

VineDid you know that five Vines are tweeted every second? Or Vimeo has 170 million monthly viewers? Or that Vine’s top user is Naish Greir from Greensboro, North Carolina with 9.8 million followers?

One Productions‘ infographic compares and contrasts the differences between Vine and Vimeo from launch stage to present day, including ownership, turnover and user demographics. Read more on Infographic: Vine vs Vimeo…

40 brand logos with hidden messages

FedEx logoYou’ve looked at them thousands of times, logos such as Amazon, FedEx and Coca-Cola, but have you ever really looked at them?

We take a look at the most famous brands in the world, and point out hidden design features and messages that most people have never spotted before. Infographic courtesy of Oomph. Read more on 40 brand logos with hidden messages…