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Natalie Smith studied International Relations in Glasgow, and currently works for a digital consulting firm in London. She writes tech and web design articles in her spare time, and also loves trying out new gadgets and reading the entertaining prose of P.G. Wodehouse and David Sedaris, her two favorite authors.

Paying for Likes: the rising trend of false social media advertising

Social media is gently intruding further and further in to our lives. It’s starting to get unified with the desktop (look at the native Facebook facilities on Apple’s Mountain Lion OS and Windows 8′s ever-changing social tiles), and it is a constant presence in the physical world around us (how many QR codes can you spot in the next hour? And how many invitations to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ a company through a litany of social media outlets?). Read more on Paying for Likes: the rising trend of false social media advertising…

What Men and Women ‘Like’ on Facebook [infographic]

An interesting infographic here that that takes a look at ‘What Men and Women ‘Like’ on Facebook’ and uses that to highlight a shift in a defined pattern in gendered discourse in social media. When looking at this infographic, you might initially assume that traditional masculine or feminine topics, activities and products would correlate exactly with the distribution of Facebook ‘likes’ by men and women.

This assumption would, for the most part, be correct. For instance, in the “Activities” section, dancing is predominantly liked by women at 87 % . The same can be said for shopping and cooking which are both predominantly liked by women at 80 % and 70 % , respectively. Read more on What Men and Women ‘Like’ on Facebook [infographic]…