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Christmas ads: the best and worst

marks and spencer M&S christmas ad 2013Being Scottish, and a renowned scrooge, I used three very simple measures to judge this year’s Christmas ads – did they feel good value for money, entertain me and make me smile even if I didn’t need to buy anything?

Joint first for me was Boots’ ‘Hoodie’ and the Aldi offerings. Both these examples successfully tapped into Christmas truths, which were then beautifully portrayed. The Boots ‘Hoodie’ ad played on our preconceptions of today’s youth to show someone that at heart was a good guy, sharing his feelings to all with well-chosen presents from Boots. The Aldi ads, meanwhile, build on key consumer insights to portray the wonderful festive mischief that occurs to us all at Christmas, and were the only ads that made me laugh, both out-loud and inwardly.  Read more on Christmas ads: the best and worst…

Facebook data and new technology provide the key to tailored content

There’s little doubt of the power that Facebook wields in day-to-day public life. After all, the world’s premier social network now has its own medical condition dedicated to it. Depending on your viewpoint, the abbreviation FAD (that’s Facebook Addiction Disorder for the uninitiated) represents an ironic statement or an accurate prediction of its longevity.

One thing is for certain; that technology has changed consumer behaviour irrevocably and as a result, the amount of data that companies are able to access on their target audience has never been greater. This provides businesses with a huge challenge as they look to decipher granular behavioural insights amid an Atlantic Ocean of data. Read more on Facebook data and new technology provide the key to tailored content…