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Will social media be this year’s Christmas gift to marketers?

In this day and age where social media is taking over, it is unsurprising that 1 in 10 shoppers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by it. Whilst it is a well-known fact that a tweet or a Facebook “like” doesn’t necessarily equate to a purchase, social media still holds considerable sway in the way shoppers research the gifts and items they are planning to purchase.

We recently conducted a global study, PeopleShop, into the shopping behaviour, attitudes and motivations of 13,000 shoppers. The study revealed that video games (and systems), baby toys and mobile phones are the three categories where social media plays an inflentioal role..  In addition the study also found that 27% of Video game & video game  system shoppers   consider social media to be an influential touchpoint. Read more on Will social media be this year’s Christmas gift to marketers?…