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Portrait of a great employee advocacy champion


Picture1‘Very, very few people or organisations know why they do what they do. And by “why” […] I mean: What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief? Why does your organisation exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?’. This is Simon Sinek during one of his inspiring TEDtalks, back in 2009. The question he poses is a hard, yet inescapable, matter.

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Four title writing tips to captivate your reader

title writing

“Good writing will bring you to places you don’t even expect sometimes”

James Gandolfini

Let’s admit it, writing great content is easier said than done. It takes time, effort and an interesting mix of analytic skills and great instincts.

Where analytic skills help you predict which topics will be most attention-grabbing and great instincts guide your decision on how to tackle those good topics. Read more on Four title writing tips to captivate your reader…

Relevance and influence: the power of employee advocacy for sales


TeamEAThere is no way around it: the purchasing process has fundamentally changed over the last few years. Being offline is not much of an option for brands anymore. Studies show that 95% of millennials expect brands to be present on Facebook.

But it’s not only them: 87% of 30- to 44-year-olds – the so-called Generation Xers – and 70% of 45- to 60-year-olds agree that all brands should have at least a Facebook page.

In this landscape, brands who enter the online conversation are presented with an incredible opportunity: an immense, unlimited sea of possibilities where they can find plenty of people, insights and relationships to fill their pipeline. Read more on Relevance and influence: the power of employee advocacy for sales…

How both brands and employees can benefit from online advocacy


WEB_Maz_Nadjm_SoAmpliFor most organisations, regardless of their size, social media engagement has become a fundamental channel to communicate with the outside world. It provides an innovative vehicle to deliver customer service, marketing campaigns, promotions etc.

If until recently it was all about ‘being present’ on social media, now it is about the engagement which helps your brand/company have a competitive advantage. Some organisations have known this for a while, they created social media departments and started using engagement platforms. Read more on How both brands and employees can benefit from online advocacy…

In-house versus social media agency – an answer at last?

 In-house or agency? It’s a debate that’s raged for as long as specialist social media consultancies have existed. But which one is best? Nike is an example of an organisation which very publicly decided to go the in-house route, stating that it was to gain a better understanding of how their customers interact with the brand, but is cutting out agencies and doing it all yourself really the best way to go? Not in my opinion, and I’m certainly not alone in this assertion.

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How to use Twitter as a sales channel

There is no denying that Twitter is an exceptional social media platform, but how many organisations really make the most of the 140 character window of opportunity it offers and how much impact can it really have as a business tool?

Well, let’s look at the numbers. With an estimated 200 million registered users generating over 340 million tweets every day and all of us spending around 20%* of our online time on social networking sites, the answer is that given the right approach Twitter can become an immensely powerful sales channel. Read more on How to use Twitter as a sales channel…

The Very Personal Future of Social Content

Google glass: is the Personal Future of Social Content bi-focal?Jules Verne, arguably the patriarch of the science fiction genre, dared to dream of a very different future for us all, and countless writers and movie makers have been influenced by his work, and the rest of us in turn by theirs. This is undoubtedly why a future of man and machine in perfect harmony is something that today we simply accept and expect.

But, due to our insatiable desire for immediate access to information in the form of our choice wherever we might be and the geometric advances in technology in recent years, is this vision of the future really that far off? Some who work in the development of new socially-orientated technologies are likely to suggest that it has already arrived. Read more on The Very Personal Future of Social Content…

Don’t miss out on the social tv gold rush

London 2012 Olympics - the Opening ceremonyThe Olympics may be over for another four years but the impact that social media has had on the business world throughout the two weeks and two days of addictive television will ripple on for a very long time to come.

These superb Olympic Games will be remembered for their majesty (specifically the scene between HRH and 007, certainly a television first), for their positive communal impact on our financially weary nation, and for being the most impressive platform for proving the importance of social media in our working and everyday lives. Read more on Don’t miss out on the social tv gold rush…