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I’m the founder and director of my Hai Media Group, a public relations consultancy working with new technology startups. Please see: I’m also an American Indie Author with my first fiction book ‘In Ark: A Promise of Survival.’ It’s a futuristic tale about a woman living with climate change in 2044 who gets abducted by an eco-survivalist cult group. It is getting 5* ratings and reviews on Amazon! Find out more about my book at:

Sharing Mom’s last days on Facebook

holding handsOften I’d walk over to my childhood friend’s large sprawling house at the edge of an American cul-de-sac on Long Island, and knock on the big, old door, getting an answer from my childhood friend’s grandmother.

Kim Sheridan-Dugmore’s grandmother, Muriel “Mom” Patricia (Sanchez) Ziegler was the matriarch of the place, a home for several generations. It was a home of fun, creativity and laughter, all fuel for Kim’s grandmother, who I remember never, ever, lost her patience, shouted, or made her extended family and guests feel uncomfortable. When I first met Mom in the 1970s I remember her smile and her beautiful big blue eyes, so when those same sparkling eyes appeared at me again, at age 98, from Kim’s status updates on Facebook, I took notice immediately. Read more on Sharing Mom’s last days on Facebook…

RIP press release?

GravestoneWay back in 1906 the first press release was issued by Ivy Lee, to provide information to journalists following the 1906 Atlantic City train wreck. Decades later, PRs are still writing and distributing press releases to alert media to our client’s news.

But is the press release dead? With social media, blogs and so many online tools to share news, would a journalist rather get a tweet than receive a press release? Read more on RIP press release?…

Upcoming: Women Shift Digital Conference (26th November)

Why not make September be the month you think about SEO?

My best blog posts

BloggingHappy last days of summer everyone and I hope you are enjoying it!

I’ve been absent from blogging here for a few months, as I’ve been busy trying to write a fictional eBook about a woman who gets abducted by an eco-survivalist cult. I plan to self-publish this book in 2014 and make it available for download on Amazon Kindle and all other eBook distribution platforms. It is an adventure, and I may blog about my experiences in becoming an eBook author here.

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How PRs use Twitter

Kate Russell (@katerussell)

Two tools of all public relations professionals is the phone and email, but in recent times PRs are turning more and more to using Twitter. At a party, I met Kate Russell (@katerussell), a journalist for BBC Click’s Webscape show, and we got to talking about how she is using Twitter. She told me that many of her stories are sourced from tweets, and she often asks people to send her story ideas in 140 characters, or less. She told me that Twitter is the best thing that has happened to journalism in many years.

Following meeting her, I tweeted her with an idea for a story about a client I am working with (on behalf of the agency PR Savvy) called Blue Badge Style. In one tweet, I explained to her how it is an app offering a disability access guide to stylish venues. It caught her attention and she asked me further questions via Twitter, and let me know it would be proposed to the editorial planning team. Read more on How PRs use Twitter…

Tips for PRs when dealing with tech journalists

Tips for Public Relations professionals dealing with technology journalistsFor perhaps as long as there has been the profession of public relations, there has been tension from the journalists served by this industry. I often see journalists complaining, frequently on Twitter, about poor approaches from PRs.

While there are hundreds of guides out there for how to handle media relations, I’m still surprised that the profession continues to fail on two universal “don’ts” that every PR should know enough to avoid.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned, and a bit of insight below from a few of the UK’s top tech journalists.

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A disability access guide? There’s an app for that!

Fiona Jarvis, Founder of Blue Badge Style

Picture yourself in this situation – you are wheelchair bound and want to go out to a restaurant in London.

Did you know that 300,000 people in the city face situations like this everyday? If you are mobility challenged, you’ll need to phone ahead and check on whether, or not, the restaurant you have in mind can accommodate you.

Step in Blue Badge Style to the picture, and you’ve now got a website and app that can tell you what restaurants in London are the best for disability access, as well as hotels, pubs, shops and more. Read more on A disability access guide? There’s an app for that!…

Teaching DIY PR and social media at The Mobile Academy – help please?

Mobile Monday is offering The Mobile Academy at the University College London

I’m going to be a guest lecturer for The Mobile Academy, teaching a DIY course for public relations, and social media, for mobile industry entrepreneurs.  The course is sold out now, with about 60 participants joining the 36-hour masterclass, being offered at the University College London, through the folks who run Mobile Monday. Read more on Teaching DIY PR and social media at The Mobile Academy – help please?…

How to crowdfund: Seven Tips

Stoney Nakoda

Recently I got an email from a friend of mine asking me to make a $25 donation toward her 4-year-old daughter’s book publishing project, by making a pledge on  the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Young Stoney Nakoda and the effort (lead by her family) to fund her project with help from people’s contributions of small donations is already getting her close to reaching a goal of $5,000 by 23rd of May. To date, the family has raised $1,634. Stoney, and her story book about how she overcame her fear of shadows, is one of many exciting stories coming out of the crowdfunding movement. Read more on How to crowdfund: Seven Tips…