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The rise of the ‘big data’-driven CMO

Marketing more than ever is a science. Not only has it had to evolve into that because tough times dictate that Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to be able to justify their efforts in monetary terms, but the playing field has become an increasingly large and competitive one. As a result, the reliance on ‘Big Data’ has never been so important to all those involved.

Today’s CMO not only has to consider traditional forms of marketing data, but also has to face up to the exponential growth of non-traditional data sources, as e-commerce grows and social and mobile channels increasingly become the norm for customers. According to Gartner, there are already more than a billion people on Facebook, 5.6 billion mobile devices in use and 14% of all economic activity is now transacted across digital resources. Read more on The rise of the ‘big data’-driven CMO…