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What sport can teach us about the power of content?

Ian Wright’s hit Saturday show, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Football’.In the increasingly social world of sports marketing we talk tirelessly about the need for ‘authentic content’ that will ‘gather a passionate fan base’ and ‘trigger dialogue.’  All in an effort to create a social media platform for brands.

The challenge with sport is looking for authentic and quality content to come from fans themselves. You only need to jump onto the next trending sports event to see an endless stream of tweet-from-the-hip comments that say next to nothing and are more motivated by a desire to be visible in the conversation than to drive debate.  While this fan-babble still delivers a big reach opportunity for a sponsor, it does little to build brand equity. Read more on What sport can teach us about the power of content?…

The true DNA of sports fan-ship

If you ask a sports fan what they love most about being a fan their answers may surprise you. You would expect an Arsenal supporter to say the only thing that matters is Arsenal, whether they can ever replace Van Persie and if they will finish fourth this season. Ask a TwentyTwenty cricket fan leaving the Oval and you’d expect an answer that was primarily about… well, cricket.

But when we conducted a survey a few months ago, talking to 100 sports fans ranging from Gooners pouring out of The Emirates to tourists in town for The Olympics, their responses threw light on what really motivates people to become – and stay – a sports fan.

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