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Why advertising, not celebrities, will win the ratings wars for channels

rovi corp ipg adBroadcasters looking to increase programme ratings have a range of traditional advertising options at their disposal, as well as tried and tested gimmicks to boost viewership such as celebrity special guest appearances, cliffhanger episodes, and special news reports. And, while a Hollywood star teaching the kids on Glee or a politician on the hot seat can no doubt move the needle, broadcasters would be wise to also add some Guide Advertising into the mix.

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Has the time for connected TV advertising finally arrived?

American Airlines connected TV adBrands today understand the importance of using data to tailor their messages and to reach their key target audiences, so it would be reasonable to assume that TV and its ‘shotgun’ approach to advertising is becoming less appealing. Indeed, the IAB announced in 2009 that online advertising spending in the UK had overtaken TV advertising for the first time in 2009, many industry executives believed the death knell had sounded for this channel.

But the arrival of connected TVs (essentially TVs with an internet connection) changed everything and created a major opportunity for advertisers to combine the emotional appeal of TV advertising with web-type metrics and measurement that are becoming so important to advertisers.  There is no doubt that connected TVs are becoming a mainstream technology. FutureSource predicts that by 2014, we will see 28 million devices – equal to 100% penetration – in the UK alone.

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10 Reasons why advertisers shouldn’t underestimate connected TV audiences

Parks Associates recently forecast that by the end of 2013, connected TVs will be present in 32 per cent of all Western European homes. By 2016 this is expected to have risen to 54 per cent – and when you consider how “new” this technology is, such adoption rates really should make industries such as advertising stand up and take notice.

When you look at the capabilities of these platforms it’s easy to understand why – connected TVs provide the opportunity for users to engage with content in ways previously unheard of on these screens. Users can download apps such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, get recommendations for the discovery of new TV shows and search for existing shows and connect to other viewers online. Read more on 10 Reasons why advertisers shouldn’t underestimate connected TV audiences…

Connected TVs – the natural home for branded content

In today’s highly connected society, successful brands need to stand out from the crowd. More and more, brands are looking for opportunities to create meaningful consumer connections and are using branded content to increase engagement, reach new audiences and convert immersive brand experiences into ROI.

Combining advertising and entertainment, interactive ads and branded content have been developed and implemented by a range of leading brands – take Saturday’s Shazam-enabled Argos advert during X Factor, or Mercedes’ interactive twitter ad that allowed consumers to direct content they saw on the screen. Everyone from M&S to Chipotle is looking to leverage this new method of addressing consumers in some form – incidentally, the latter recently won the first ever branded content Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Lions Festival.  Read more on Connected TVs – the natural home for branded content…