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Customer experience changes brand perception

bad-customer-service-poor-business-lose-money-singapore-service-academyAccording to a recent survey in Singapore, 60% of people who suffer from bad service never complain. That means that for every four people who complain, another six are just as angry but never tell you about it.

This is a staggering number and should be a big worry for everyone in the customer experience sectors in Singapore and those who market the applicable brands.

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Foo Fighters and HBO engage fans with content marketing

foo-fighters2The Foo Fighters unleash their new album, “Sonic Highways”, this week with unprecedented hype and a unique content marketing strategy.

Lead singer and band architect Dave Grohl had a vision of recording eight songs in eight countries. However that was shown to be outlandishly expensive so he settled for eight songs recorded in eight American cities.

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Adidas and The All Blacks aim for Xmas market with innovative new kit launch

All Blacks shirtThe World Champion Rugby team the New Zealand All Blacks have transformed the thinking of the way that a new strip is launched to the public. Just as they lead the world in rugby so they are leading the world in marketing.

The All Blacks are unleashing three versions of the same strip all in one go. Adidas, the team’s kit supplier, have taken the hype and marketing of the new launch on 8 November to a whole different level. They clearly want to sell allot of shirts in next year’s World Cup and of course at Christmas.

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Johnny Cupcakes bakes a Linkin Park Halloween treat

slide-4This Halloween brand partnership made me smile. Two very cool brands coming together to create something unique, a great customer experience and a real word-of-mouth generating promotion.

Legendary rock bank Linkin Park have teamed up with innovative fashion brand Johnny Cupcakes to deliver a unique, limited edition Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt. Not only that but Linkin Park are giving away their fan club Linkin Park Underground membership with every t-shirt bought.

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The rise of Under Armour into a Super Brand

Johan-Hegg-Under-ArmourDid you know that Under Armour is now the number two sports apparel brand in America overtaking Adidas? This is despite the World Cup where Adidas is an official sponsor.

It is now only behind Nike, but with 22 successive quarterly profit increases surely it’s a matter of time before it overtakes Nike too. Americans love an underdog and that’s where Under Armour began and is positioned against the much more conservative and corporate Nike, Adidas and Puma.

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Can Asian retailers satisfy customers

pix (1)A recent Asian survey on customer satisfaction reported a drop to only 69% satisfaction. That means nearly a third of retail customers are leaving shops unhappy.





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My role in “Meet Me in Starbucks”

starbucks01eI am delighted to have played a leading role in the new global Starbucks campaign “Meet Me in Starbucks” which launches tomorrow. This is how it came about. Read more on My role in “Meet Me in Starbucks”…

Is Brand Beckham a great example of personal branding or a dash for cash?

homme-2011In September’s edition of GQ there are no less than three adverts featuring David Beckham. I can remember none of the brands, two were clothing, one perfume but I do remember Brand Beckham.





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Did Apple and U2 officially make music worthless?

U2 Apple launchMusic stars do want to have it both ways. First they complain that music is not being valued properly, that piracy is killing new music and then they go and give away an entire album and wonder why people don’t value music.

U2 and Apple have continued their collaboration in a much missed announcement at the launch of the iphone 6 and iWatch last week by giving away U2’s new album for free.

U2 have been promised over $100m worth of marketing by Apple in return, however this is merely promoting Apple more than U2.

Why? Because the angle is that you have to have the iPhone and iTunes to enjoy the new U2 music for free. That’s not promoting U2 it’s promoting the platform that you can listen to U2 on. For free.

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Do Manchester United have too many sponsors?

resize_then_crop_540_350Manchester United (MU) recently announced their 40th sponsor/commercial partner. Apart from the MU finance team should anyone else be happy about this? Does it work from a marketing perspective for any of the sponsors?

Why would a brand want to be one of 40 sponsors? The more brands who are associated with a football club the less likely they are to be seen or to have any cut through.

The Champions League actually cut the number of their sponsors, charged more but gave them more coverage and as a result audience recognition of who they were increased dramatically.

How can MU justify the monies charged with the decreased share of voice that they are then offering? They have sponsors for everything.

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