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Ellen’s Oscars selfie takes over Twitter

ellen oscar selfie twitterThe Oscar’s is as big a social media event as it is a red carpet event. People all around the world give running the commentary on the films, the eventual winners, and of course, the dresses. Twitter has said that during the live show there were more than 14.7 million tweets around the world containing terms related to the telecast.

Hours after the event, and despite a huge amount of other news breaking, #oscars2014 remains one of the top trending topics on Twitter in the UK.
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Muhammad Ali joins the rumble on Twitter

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali has jumped into the ring on Twitter. While his handle @MuhammadAli was active before, it seems like the greatest will now be tweeting from it himself.

When Ali uses the account, he will use the hashtag #AliTweets so people know it’s him. The bio has also been updated accordingly.
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Say what? Facebook buys instant messaging service WhatsApp for $16bn

WhatsApp logoFacebook caused a stir last night when it unexpectedly announced the acquisition of popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, for a staggering $16bn at least.

The announcement was made last night UK, and had most of our jaws on the ground, such was the size of the deal, which dwarfs Facebook’s previous acquisition of Instagram for $1bn. Read more on Say what? Facebook buys instant messaging service WhatsApp for $16bn…

Brit Awards PR company tells journalists what to write. Amazingly, it didn’t work.

Music FestivalIt’s the Brit awards tonight, an event that will undoubtedly be accompanied by huge amounts of social media chat, red carpet clips, and coverage in the papers. No wonder that PRs will want everything to be just right.

House PR took this a bit far though, emailing journalists to tweet and write about the event sponsor Mastercard as part of their conditions for accreditation. Unsurprisingly, this backfired spectacularly.

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Speaker John Bercow looks into making parliament more accessible via tech


Startups and parliament might not seem the most obvious bedfellows. Last week, though, they came together in the heart of London’s Tech City to discuss the ways tech can help open up parliament, and engage people with politics.

The Speaker, John Bercow MP (pictured), is in charge of the running of the Commons, and has founded a commision which includes entrepreneurs and MPs Robert Halfon and Meg Hillier, to look into the issues.

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Real time social from Sochi

lugepicLike most major sporting events these days, the Winter Olympics in Sochi has dominated social media conversation over the last few days. From the opening ceremony to the dramatic action on the slopes, people across the world are providing a constant stream of comment and content.

The joy of sport is that anything can happen in a split second, and Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud have put together an infographic that updates live, outlining the latest trending topics from the winter games. Read more on Real time social from Sochi…

Bauer Media launches new female lifestyle brand site

The DebriefSlowly but surely media companies are realising there is a growing need for female voices and content, and advertisers are realising what a boon such content is. Today Bauer Media is launching The Debrief, a lifestyle site that they describe as “an innovative multi-platform brand for constantly connected, influential ABC1 20-something women.”

The site goes live today, with major brands Bacardi and H&M as launch partners, and will place significant emphasis on delivering content and campaigns through social. Read more on Bauer Media launches new female lifestyle brand site…

Infographic: Ten years of Facebook

MarkZuckerbergyFBlogoOver the last ten years, Facebook has come to dominate our online (and indeed offline,) lives. For many, Facebook is the internet.

Mark Zuckerburg and his social social network have survived legal wrangling,  privacy scares, and a somewhat rocky IPO to remain top of the pile. Many of us know part of the Facebook story, courtesy of endless Zuckerburg profiles and, of course, the film “The Social Network”. However, it’s easy to forget some of the site’s significant milestones that, in just a decade, turned Facebook into the force we know today.  Read more on Infographic: Ten years of Facebook…

Jelly adds a sweet touch to State of the Union debate

jelly logo biz stone

The State of the Union is one of the key dates in the US political calendar. It’s an extensive speech in which the President lays out his agenda for the year ahead, accompanied by clapping, standing ovations, and carefully selected guests.

Unsurprisingly such an event is a media scrum too, and generates a huge amount of conversation online.

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Talksport Twitter boycott – how the brands are fighting back against the trolls

twitter_2094423bYesterday, radio station talkSPORT announced that they would no longer be promoting Twitter. This surprising move came as a response to the broadcaster’s grievance that Twitter had not adequately responded to complaints from their star football pundit Stan Collymore about the racist and threatening abuse he has received on Twitter.

Talksport said it will no longer promote tweets or pundits’ accounts on air or in Sport magazine, nor will tweets be read out on air until the station feels the issue has been sufficiently dealt with, in a show of support with the former Liverpool forward. Could it be that brands fighting back is what makes Twitter listen about the problem of trolling? Read more on Talksport Twitter boycott – how the brands are fighting back against the trolls…