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The lowdown on creating award-winning content campaigns

Content. It’s a small word for a massively important element of marketing that has been embraced by advertisers and publishers alike.


55% of marketers plan to increase content marketing budgets over the next 12 months, according to Adobe.

Why are consumers embracing branded content?

Content comes in a number of guises, from native advertising (the evolution of advertorial into tailored, brand-led editorial online) through to a brand’s own content on their website and much in between.

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When is a media brand not a media brand?

mcgraw adI love this ad. I expect most of you have seen it before and in many different formats but this is one occasion when the original is best. It was created by McGraw Hill, a venerable media brand, back in the 1950’s and was intended to encourage B2B companies to advertise themselves.

The words read “I don’t know: who you are, your company, your company’s product, what your company stands for, your company’s customers, your company’s reputation…. Now what was it you wanted to sell me?”

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The International Media Image Survey: measuring the media landscape

Ipads are held aloft as Pope Francis appears before crowds in St Peter's Square in RomeIn the media sector, reputation plays a hugely important role in selecting the right media partners. The revolution in digital players has meant that the International Media sector, more than any other, is unrecognisable from only a few years ago.

To measure these changes the first I-MIS (International Media Image Survey) was launched in 2013 and the fieldwork for the 2014 survey has just opened.

For those of you who missed last year’s findings, one of the interesting factors was that CMOs prioritised ‘strategic planning’ over ‘buying strength’, which may explain a surprising lack of concern regarding the (now scrapped) proposed merger of Omnicom and Publicis.
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Four trends that are changing the face of media research

Google ChromecastOh, it all used to be so simple then!  Life was so easy when audience measurement was just about counting eyeballs in the world’s living rooms. But it feels like that was another world completely.  With consumers now devouring content across multiple screens, the challenge of demonstrating who’s watching what, and what those connections are worth to advertisers, is significantly more complex.

In the same way that media owners have diversified to provide cross-platform viewing opportunities, and individuals and brands have become media owners in their own right, so providers of media research are breaking new ground in measuring what really matters to advertisers and media agencies.

The latest in new thinking and techniques in media research was what was on the agenda of a symposium I participated in last week, hosted by inTV*, a group of major international TV channels working together to promote the benefits of international television to the advertising industry.  There was an impressive array of heavy hitters from the media research sector talking at the event and I thought it would be useful to share their thinking about the four key trends that they believe are changing the face of media research. Read more on Four trends that are changing the face of media research…

Where and how do consumers really talk about brands and what impact does it have?

Talk about the latest buzz phrase, ‘earned media’, and typically one of the first things marketers think about is social media and its ability to make brand messages go viral. Social media is a growing and important channel for brands to create Word of Mouth, but does it offer brands the biggest opportunities for harnessing consumer power? Whether we’re sitting watching TV ‘en famille’, chatting in the school playground or talking around the water cooler, if there’s a great (or terrible!) new TV advertising campaign (David Beckham for H&M, anyone?), then this can also stimulate a hearty debate about the merits of the campaign or the product it’s advertising.

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