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Let’s not make ‘femvertising’ a permanent thing

WEB_sexism_product_Gravity_ThinkingFemvertising – really?

Seeping into our vocab at the end of late 2014, it’s been used to describe how brands have jumped on the digital wave of feminism that has hit the headlines numerous times in the past year (see also ‘pinkwashing’).

Defined by Adweek as “pro-female messaging within advertising” it’s been heralded as a great thing, with Always #LikeAGirl, Dove’s ‘real beauty sketches’ and Under Armour “I Will I Want” being held up as the paragons of pro-female messaging. Read more on Let’s not make ‘femvertising’ a permanent thing…

For lack of a better story

story booksI bought a OnePlus One recently. It’s a smartphone from China with iPhone 6 level specs.

It’s the best phone on the market in almost every way – screen, camera, looks, price. It’s not out in the UK so no one has really seen it, or knows anything about it. Read more on For lack of a better story…

Brands need to change the conversation

Mad Men: Don DraperMad Men’s leading man Don Draper’s maxim – “if you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation” – really stands the test of time. Brands are now controlled and shaped by consumers, and being part of this conversation is critical for brand success.

The problem is that far too many brands have misunderstood the point of this conversation economy.

Yes, they are creating relevant and interesting activity, but most are simply joining the conversation. Given that organic reach on Facebook has reached a lowly 1-2%, being engaging has never been more important – and that means changing the conversation. Read more on Brands need to change the conversation…

#moyesout – How to ignite a community

It’s Monday morning, and Gravity’s resident United fan enters the office to an unprecedented level of abuse. After their (somewhat) shocking 3-0 loss to Liverpool over the weekend, conversation in the office quickly turned to Moyes’ shaky position at the helm. This made us think……

Content is king but distribution is queen and she wears the pants

michelin man“How do we sell something to people they don’t know they need ?”

“What if we create something that both educates, entertains, informs AND gets people talking about us? We could give it away for free at first and if it works we could even start to charge for it!”

This wasn’t a brainstorm or strategy session at Nike or Red Bull HQ but rather a conversation that (might have) happened 114 years ago in Paris discussing how to sell more tyres. The result was The Michelin Guide which now sells 14 editions in 90 countries. Read more on Content is king but distribution is queen and she wears the pants…

Mandela’s death: Kanye, Obama, Styles and selfies

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this history defining event is not the volume of mentions, but the sparks of conversation and sways of influence that we saw. Three of the most influential tweets in the wake of Mandela’s death were from Obama, Harry Styles and Kanye West. Both Barack, and Kanye collectively inspired (if that’s the right word) over 55 thousand people to tweet in support, or for whatever reason, anger. Both of these tweets were, subjectively, thought provoking quotes from two extremely influential figures – perhaps that’s an understatement actually. One extremely influential person, and one man who became the most powerful and influential individual on the planet. Then you have Harry Styles.

Google Hummingbird: rewarding high-quality web content

bird2An old myth about SEO that still persists is that it’s still about “keyword stuffing” your on-page content, hence the old joke: “An SEO copywriter walks into a bar, pub, public house, hotel, restaurant and orders a beer, lager, wine, whisky, drink”.

Imagine if every page, post, article, blog, report you read was written this way. It’d get annoying, irritating, infuriating pretty fast, right?

Google thought so too.

That’s why, year on year, they’ve been refining their algorithm with the ultimate goal of rewarding “natural” content located through “conversational” search.

Read more on Google Hummingbird: rewarding high-quality web content…

Facebook wants us to break out of ‘social jail’

facebookPerhaps suitably Social Media Week kicked off with a servant of the King of social in the form of Ed Couchman Head of UK sales for Facebook. Couchman who used the soapbox (sorry Keynote) to spread the word that (his words) “Facebook is one of the most effective marketing platforms on the planet” clearly Couchman was here to sell but the message he delivered was considered, and whilst self-serving, responsible.

Read more on Facebook wants us to break out of ‘social jail’…

It’s not (just) about the ‘Like’ — it’s the Return on Relationship

Last Monday offered us the chance to spare a thought for the poor souls who spend their days veering between vilification and rejection, often overworked and underpaid, yet ‘one of the most powerful groups on the internet’ according to Marketwire – yes, it was Community Management Appreciation Day. Read more on It’s not (just) about the ‘Like’ — it’s the Return on Relationship…