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Beppe Grillo and The 5 Star Movement: When social media triggers anarchy

Beppe Grillo held a rally in Turin during the electoral campaign, 2010.I watched in awe as Italian election results unfolded. Bersani won a majority in the Lower House, Berlusconi in the Senate. It’s a deadlock, a stalemate. It’s Italy, a country where the future looks like a Russian roulette.

Right and Left, Evil and Good. Apparently that’s the oldest flight of all. However, this time the tragedy is starring a third actor, or should I say a comedian. That was Beppe Grillo’s professionem.

Two years ago he decided to ‘swoop’ on the Italian political scene, launch an anarchic Movement (the 5 Star Movement), draw in droves of voters (stealing them from the two main parties) and dominate an ailing socioeconomic ecosystem. Read more on Beppe Grillo and The 5 Star Movement: When social media triggers anarchy…

Meaningful behaviours behind social media


The Facebook puppy Kids: challenged by parents to get a million likes if they wanted a puppyEverything started with my mom. On Christmas day she asked: “What are you doing?”

I replied: “I’m Tweeting about how your culinary mastery has threatened to turn me into a rolling Zorba.”

“Tweeting?” she repeated, twitching her nose as if I mentioned an ugly disease.

I explained the best I could. Read more on Meaningful behaviours behind social media…

How to make social media insights more meaningful

Two questions that marketers often ask are: Does my audience care about my brand? How can we make them care more? To answer these questions, brands and agencies heavily invest in market research. Online panels, focus groups, ethnographic studies, social listening are just a few of the most popular insights gathering tools.

Graphs that show peaks in mentions and changes in automated sentiment can be useful to a certain point, but are they actionable enough to inform strategy and planning? We don’t think so, not in a meaningful way, anyway. Read more on How to make social media insights more meaningful…