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Twenty Fourteen will be the year of the Automatic

Big Dog Boston Dynamics robotAnd here’s why:

Amazon drones will make science fiction, fact.

3D printing will have a high street presence.

Useful wearable technology will be available for less than $100.

Cars will be connected to smart watches … in fact –– everything will be connected to everything else if you believe in the Internet Of Things as much as brands like Samsung, LG and Microsoft do.

Finally, Google have acquired eight robotic related businesses recently – with Boston Dynamics, of BigDog fame, being the most high profile yet. Read more on Twenty Fourteen will be the year of the Automatic…

Creative may push product but great creative pushes boundaries

redbullStratos640Edward de Bono proclaimed, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way”. And I imagine Apple meant much the same thing when they asked us all to “Think Different” back in the 90s.

Pushing yourself to “break out” will lead you to places neither you nor your clients will expect to have gone. This is a very good thing. But how do you reassure a nervous client that buying a brave concept is a better decision that buying a safe one? There’s one way that’s worked for quite a while now … creative awards.

Read more on Creative may push product but great creative pushes boundaries…

The golden rules of user generated content

Alan Kittle, Creative Director at Mason Zimbler and Strange & Dawson, recently took time out with Shane Casey, Head of Digital and archetypal creative technologist, to discuss the rise and rise of user generated content (UGC) campaigns.

Their strengths and weaknesses; the brands that get it right and those who just don’t; whether lines between user generated and user centred campaigns are being blurred by the arrival of social platforms like Pinterest, Vine and Instagram; to try and craft some rules for themselves when considering whether to recommend one to their clients. Read more on The golden rules of user generated content…

The end of digital marketing is nigh

A recent report from global research firm Forrester – predicting that ‘digital marketing’ will lose its prefix and become just ‘marketing’ in 2013 – has sparked a debate between marketers who agree with the forecast and those who believe digital should continue being treated as a separate discipline. In an effort to put this dispute to bed, here’s my response to the prediction.

Integrated marketing has been around for a long time. The strongest integrated agencies added a strong digital offering a long time ago and truly integrated creative thinkers don’t think about channels at the conceptual stage. Read more on The end of digital marketing is nigh…

Why less is more will dominate digital creativity in 2013

EE: launched 4G at Battersea Power StationI foresee two key opportunities for the industry creative this year. One is that ambient will become a key battleground for brands trying to disrupt audiences’ daily routines. The other is the move towards the big, the bold and the simple. Both these trends may well converge of course and I look forward to exploring their possibilities.

While Minority Report’s retina-scanning six sheets may not arrive in 2013, I think the drive towards mobile-first advertising and the arrival of 4G will have brands clamoring to become even more visible in our everyday lives. Using insight to identify where ambient opportunities exist will be imperative … so we may see sports drinks advertised on treadmill screens (available in a vending machine near your locker) or footwear retailers offering discounts on sturdy boots with graffiti on snow-covered pavements. Read more on Why less is more will dominate digital creativity in 2013…