The ultimate LinkedIn cheat sheet

A fully optimised Linkedin profile is 40 times more likely to receive job opportunities.


Research shows recruiters spend just 8.8 seconds scanning a job hunter’s CV before deciding whether to contact them.

With such a short window to get seen by the right people, words and phrases have to be carefully chosen.

Earlier this year LinkedIn published its’ annual list of the most overused buzzwords in users’ profiles. Among the the culprits appearing in the chart were Motivated, Creative, Driven and Passionate.

Those words won’t help you stand out from the 350 million other professionals in the site, and as Darain Faraz, head of consumer PR at LinkedIn, explains, “We wouldn’t describe ourselves as ‘strategic’, ‘driven’ or as having ‘extensive experience’ in real life situations, so why do it on a profile?”

If you need some guidance updating your profile, Leisurejobs has created the ‘Ultimate LinkedIn Cheatsheet’ to help you sell yourself in  seven steps. Take a look at the advice below.

LinkedIn cheat-sheet