The Daily Poke: A different retail therapy

Poke_A different retail therapySerene, mellow, freespirited. Not necessarily words you would associate with a shopping experience. But the Department Store for the Mind is a retail experience that calms things by putting empathy at its heart.

They curate their products, which include branded notebooks, household items and jewellery, to suit your mental and emotional state. Whether you’re feeling creative, caring, wired or unhinged.

The idea came from Sophie Howarth who’s worked on developing emotional intelligence at The School of Life. Howarth explains how customers’ emotional needs are often obfuscated by the bottom line of business. As an online space, Department Store for the Mind puts these needs first, encouraging people to engage with the brand differently.

It’s a self-reflective shopping experience that becomes an exercise in empathy.

Via. LSN Global