The Daily Poke: Text blood

Text bloodWhile there are plenty of compelling reasons to give blood, statistics show that return rates among new donors are generally in decline. In an effort to stem the flow, Stockholm-based blood service Blodcentralen has come up with a simple way to encourage new donors to keep on giving. (Tx Gemma & Melissa)

Once they’ve given blood, donors receive a thank-you by text. They then get a further text every time their blood is used to treat a patient. The scheme has received a positive response among donors and has been widely adopted across Sweden.

It’s hoped that the UK’s NHS Blood and Transplant service will take note. According to a recent report, there are 40% fewer new donors in the UK than there were 10 years ago, and 204,000 new volunteers are needed to keep blood stocks at a safe level.

Via. Science Alert