7 social trends you need to know for 2015

Social mediaTis the season for all-knowing prediction stories, folks. Today is the turn of social media trends and how brands can make the most of them.

1) Predictive social analysis 

What is it: Predictive analysis with real consumer benefits.

Why it will be hot in 2015: Expect 2015 to be the year brands apply big insight in cool ways as prediction analysis helps to create social content around upcoming trends.

Why this is good for brands: Identify next big trend up to three months before it happens with a high degree of accuracy (expert opinion: 90%).


2) Social engagement in a physical space 

What is it: Using social insight to engage with users in a real physical space.

Why it will be hot in 2015: Industry experts believe 2015 is the year new technology and geo-targeted, contextualised real-time social content will dominate. Brands will monitor conversations for audience sectors allowing them to deliver relevant messaging which influences brand conversation and conversion.

Why this is good for brands: Opens the possibility to create bespoke lifestyle ‘wow’ experiences.


3) Ephemeral social communications 

What is it: Photo and video exchange social platforms and apps allowing recipients to view a sender’s image or video clip for short periods.

Why it will be hot in 2015: Global Web Index (September 2014) predicts adults will become key adopters in 2015 as attention span on social media continues to wane.

Why this is good for brands: Make audience aware of what you have to offer, great for unveiling instant and exclusive insights in real-time.


4) Geo-targeted personalised social content 

What is it: Sensors in a physical place allowing app users to benefit from personalised micro-location notifications.

Why it will be hot in 2015: Industry experts predict 2015 to be the year that social engagement relevant to that moment and place in time will become the norm. Improvements in technology will also allow brands to capture data and offer real consumer benefits.

Why this is good for brands: Unique ‘wow’ moments with social content that is geo-targeted, contextualised and in real-time – direct to a user’s mobile.


5) New social platforms 

What is it: New subject-based social network connecting users with topics they care about.

Why it will be hot in 2015: The endless stream of social content will make 2015 users demand a more refined social experience.

Why this is good for brands: Focus engagement, build a more relevant audience and, therefore, more likely to convert.


6) Geo-targeted visual content 

What is it: In 2014, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat foresaw the significance of visual content and reacted accordingly.

Why it will be hot in 2015: Whilst Instagram already has 100m users, industry experts predict 2015 will be the year dominated by brands using geo-targeted image based, graphics and micro-clip content.

Why this is good for brands: Improved social engagement, creating visually rich moments.


7) Cool wearable tech 

What is it: Wearable lifestyle technology.

Why it will be hot in 2015: Expect 2015 to be the year wearable technology looks cool, delivers functional benefits and becomes fashionable – and increasingly part of the digital strategy for the world’s most innovative brands.

Why this is good for brands: Foster links with fashion, design and tech communities.

Harry Cymbler, founder of social media agency Hot Cherry