Oxford English Dictionary adds 10 ad tech words

Dictionaries by mrpolyonymous FlickrYou know when the industry you work in is making an impact on the wider consumer world when you hear that the vocabulary you and your peers use at work every day has been acknowledged by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Last week a series of ad tech related words and phrases made the big league. ‘Sentiment analysis’, ‘second screen’, ‘responsive’ and ‘clickbait’ were included in the OxfordDictionary.com’s yearly announcement of new official words. For me, this highlights the fact that as business and technology evolve consumers are becoming evermore ‘tech-savvy’, which is great.

We know that technology, especially in the western world, is now deeply embedded in society. Whether it’s simply the ownership of a computer or a smartphone or a strong personal or professional interest in building and shaping the internet as we know it, technology is absolutely something that we regard as mainstream.

The internet and the consumer are constantly changing and we have to pivot and adapt to find the best solutions for businesses and the end-users all the time. With this in mind, we expect to see many more ad tech words like these added to the Oxford English Dictionary next year.

Ad tech words added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014 include:

● Sentiment analysis
● Geocache
● Subtweet
● Acquihire
● Clickbait
● Deep web
● Fast follower
● Responsive
● Second screen
● Tech-savvy

Carl Holmquist, chief executive and founder of Freespee