YouTube turns Bethany Mota into a social entrepreneur

bethany motaWith 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube 18 year old video blogger Bethany Mota is a fashion retail superstar. She has also just created a ground breaking product and brand partnership with retail brand Aeropostale.

Every YouTube episode Bethany releases gains 3-5 million views showing incredible brand loyalty by her viewers. The amazing thing is that she has built her empire up entirely from her bedroom. Her YouTube channel is generating an estimated US$40,000 per month and has garnered over 300 million views since she launched it.

Bethany is an iconic inspiration to pre-teens everywhere who’ve ever struggled with boredom, shyness and bullying. She is also showing how a truly influential social blogger can build a business through a passion.

Bethany credits being engaged with her audience for her success. She has the instinct to listen rather than preach to her audience in a very focused customer centric view of her business which belies her teen years.

Every time she posts a video she will make sure to go to the comment section, and reply to all their comments.  Along with her YouTube following Bethany also has 2.4 million fans on Instagram. That’s more than Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmopolitan combined.

With the launch of the Bethany Mota Clothing and Accessories line at Aeropostale she has gone beyond merely blogging and become a fashion product creator and apparel brand.  The line features more than 60 pieces of clothing and accessories that inspire individuality with floral designs, gypsy whimsical dresses, and funky denim to couple various playful accessories.  She’s apparently so hot at the moment that brands like J.C. Penny and Forever 21 also want to work with her.

Brands are craving this kind of authentic engagement  and positive association that they can’t hope to achieve. The trick for Bethany will be keeping it real and not being swayed to endorse products for money that she doesn’t believe in.

It will also be a challenge for her to keep answering all the comments as her time will be more focused on other commercial activities and she will have to employ a team to do this. Time will tell how well she copes with this growth and these challenges but it’s an inspiring entrepreneurial story of social influencer turning comment into a goldmine.

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