From Freelance to free-range – why you should embrace millennials

MillennialsMillennials, Generation Y, Peter Pan generation or Boomerang generation – whatever you choose to call them, there’s no denying: today’s hottest enterprises are built of them. Besides having grown up absorbed in technology and being the first adopters of the internet, they also possess a strong sense of individuality, they don’t want to be bound 100% with any organisation – they want to run free and explore other opportunities.

Huge enterprises are already working with millennials and free-range creative people and flex working environments are cultivated at companies such as Google and Philips to name the few. Even newly built work places are constructed with the modern ‘breed’ of millennials in mind, take the new skyscrapers in New York as an example. Yet still, despite millennial way of working being a trending subject, businesses fear them.

They fear losing control. From my experience, having shaped a creative enterprise built on millennial talent, a free-range creative person is exactly what you should be looking for when you develop your next creative campaign.
Working inside a creative agency means being part of a collaborative environment that attracts  like-minded people. It’s no wonder, then, that we might even go as far as to say that if something is not worth doing within a team, then perhaps it’s not worth doing at all. And with the digital sharing tools available at the moment, working collaboratively is made easy. All you need to do is open your mind.

To get the best out of your marketing team today and to stimulate creative greatness, you ought to let the talent run free and in order to achieve that, allow them to develop their passions outside of work.

A new way of doing things

People whom we work with right now, millennials, if you wish, are in no way enslaved by tradition. They are building their own, by sharing personal moments with people across the world they don’t even know, in new ways every day. It’s not about live-tweets or relevant Facebook posts. The point is being open to changes and adopting new communication instruments.

The enterprise of tomorrow is about building your brand with people confident enough to take risks. They know they are valuable and they are not willing to have their integrity fixed to a job or a position. These people are willing to sacrifice fixed structures to satisfy inner desires and this is exactly the kind of thing you, dear marketing executive, should believe in.

From freelance to free-range

The commonly practiced way of stimulating freedom in creativity is working with freelancers. Freelancing has allowed people to stay somewhat independent, without having to commit to one single employer. Moreover, it helps the ones who are not able to find full time job. But most of all, it has provided people with opportunity of choice; it has brought freedom and flexibility and the ability to follow personal hobbies and ventures over a self-made schedule. And this last bit is exactly the philosophy that we guide ourselves by and what the free-range concept is all about: allowing people to achieve their own goals by not asking them to devote to us.

That’s right – we don’t want them to try their hardest while their in the office – and neither should you. Working remotely is easier than ever before with all the digital tools available at the moment. Recent studies show that most of us focus a lot better when working off-site, as that can reduce distraction. While it reduces distraction – it stimulates creativity. Environments such as these are the new way of getting the most out of people.

Free-range is the new generation of freelance, meaning that not only you can offer your lance in service to anyone you choose to, but that you are also encouraged and supported to roam free, to follow and develop your passions outside of the work environment. This philosophy allows us to see people as individuals again and not just like business assets.

My ideal team is made up of hybrids making the most of life – people who can easily juggle work and play, who can manage a good balance between client demands and family life, not letting their jobs stand in the way of their personal endeavours. We have fashion designer – social media manager hybrid and two digital designers from Sweden who are also serious musicians.

Ultimately, people who always manage to make time for fun, be it at work or at home; collaborative types that naturally team up and support others; and people who are versed in plenty of other industries apart from the one we work in make for the best team.

Ryan Lietaer is founder and chief executive of People We Like