5 digital hijacks of the #CommonwealthGames

Commonwealth Games Image by SSENow that the fun is over for another four years, let’s look back at five of the best digital brand activations of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

SSE – #GoGlasgow

SSE created a #GoGlasgow campaign. The energy giant’s campaign let fans show support for their chosen team by tweeting using hashtags such as #GoScotland, #GoEngland and #GoWales. The results were ranked and shared on the SSE website and social media channels. Visitors to SSE’s experiential hub at the sponsors’ village in Glasgow could also take part by taking a selfie in front of a screen displaying their nation’s hashtag.

Irn Bru – Born Supporter

Alongside a host of Games-related marketing to promote its sponsorship of the event, Iron Bru created a Born Supporter app. App downloaders could take a quiz to determine which type of supporter they are, such as “Die Hard”, “Nail Biter” or “Keen Bean”. After uploading a quick selfie, the app creates a digital sticker which could be shared on social media to show support for the Games.

Genius Gluten Free – #ToastTheChampions

Genius Gluten Free bread created a #ToastTheChampions campaign. Fans of the games got to tweet messages of support to the athletes which were digitally printed on a slice of Genius toast and shared across their social networks.

Ford – Play Your Part

Alongside providing more than 1,000 vehicles for the Games, Ford also created the Play Your Part campaign. Within this, Ford supported a number of athletes during their Games journey by tweeting messages of support as they competed. It also shared interviews and quotes from the athletes and allowed them to set challenges for fans – Scottish boxer Lewis Benson asked fans to help him select motivational music, for example.

Speedo – #TeamSpeedo

Speedo took a more subtle approach to its sponsorship of the Games. The swimwear brand tweeted messages of support and congratulations, focussing on the hashtag #TeamSpeedo rather than the competitor’s nationality. It also undertook a #speedoselfie competition, to capitalise on an increased interest in swimming during sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games.

Ameet Chandarana is managing director at Maynard Malone

  • http://www.creativeagencysecrets.com RebeccaCaroe

    We got a great one here in NZ for all the New Zealand Athletes. Promoted by the national Olympic committee the hashtag #makingusproud got heaps of traction and they did a new image for each athlete’s medal which went viral on social channels.

  • DC

    No surprise that three of these five examples mention selfies (although the SSE one was just a photo, not a selfie). Brands really need to move on now. Let’s be a little more creative, eh. “Send us a selfie and you could win”… If every other brand is doing it, why are you? Come on – it’s the easy and lazy answer.