Advertisers should see the value in cookieless technology

IpadgirlIt has been more than 18 months since Safari began blocking third party cookies and it is possible other browsers will follow suit, with continued threats from Mozilla. As the mobile channel and Safari emerge as drivers of conversions, now more than ever advertisers need to concentrate on cookieless technology.

The industry has worked hard to evolve and produce ways of working around the cookie limitation. Using probabilistic and deterministic approaches we are now able to target users across devices, using the history from one device or browser to influence ads on another.

While this technology is primarily used to find users jumping from one device to the next, it also allows advertisers to access a new pocket of buyers: the one using Safari browser. This is important not only because without cookieless browsers and cookieless mobile devices we would not have a holistic view of users but we would also miss out on what is emerging as a premium pool of users.

Safari users drive 20% higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) than the average user. 

Looking at data from several Struq US campaigns over the last three months, Safari has emerged as the best performing browser.

Compared to the average across browsers, Safari has:

An average order value (AOV) just over 8% higher;

A click through rate (CTR) 12% higher;

A post click conversion rate (PC CR) 5% higher and;

A post click return on ad spend (PC ROAS) 20% higher.

Even more interesting, Safari is the only browser with a better PC ROAS on mobile than on PC. The norm is for performance to suffer when looking at the mobile channel but this is not the case with Safari, the browser maintains the high CTR expected on mobile while additionally delivering comparable return on ad spend.

Premium users where cookies don’t reach

It seems that relying on cookies means that advertisers are missing out on a premium set of users. Safari accounted for nearly 40% of impressions on OSX devices and 95% on iOS devices. Apple users are already considered those users with the highest amount of disposable income and indeed the average order value of Apple users compared to other platforms is 17% higher, additionally the PC ROAS of Apple devices is 22% higher than other platforms but CTR is similar across the board.

There is no question that, due to the prevalence of the multi device user, advertisers need to reach users across devices. A huge benefit to employing cookieless technologies is the associated access to this highly valuable group of users, a benefit that is hard to ignore in the race for conversions.

Sam Barnett is the chief executive of Struq