Viral chart: Proud whoppers, celebrity impressions and Greenpeace takes on Lego

santaIn this weeks chart, we see a host of awesome branded videos that successfully evoke all sorts of emotions out of us without having to even mention a football. The World Cup: sorry, what’s that?

Whether it is paying homage to soldiers fighting in Iraq or a stand against the damaging effects of a fuel company, this week has brought a high standard that has played on our heartstrings.

Brand chart

Lettuce all rise (excuse the pun) and raise a toast to the fantastic new Burger King ad that was released at the beginning of July for San Francisco Gay Pride 2014. It has already clocked in 4.5 million hits and rightly so, as it sends a clever and goosebump-inducing message out to the world, with the help of their burgers.

Beginning with the uncomfortably homophobic reactions to the ‘Proud’ burger and ignorant questions regarding homosexuals and their fast-food consumption, it has a fantastic twist. Everyone is puzzled as to why the Whopper has a different name and whether it is because of different fillings… then they open the wrapper to a heart-warming message from the fast food giants: “We are all the same inside”.

It was only sold in one Burger King joint as it was on the route of the Pride parade, but it was a great opportunity to give back to the community. Unfortunately, the campaign has been met with Christian-outrage and comments that the franchise has now gone downhill, but it is most definitely a surprisingly tear-jerking ad and a genius display of support to the LGBT community – well done, Mr King.

Here’s another great brand ad in the chart this week, courtesy of Greenpeace. This chilling campaign seems to be in conjunction with Lego to display the damaging environmental effects of Shell’s actions. With a haunting cover of the horrifically happy Lego song Everything is Awesome, playing ironically in the background, we are shown Shell’s oil slowly covering every bit of a Lego created world.

To all who are unaware of Lego’s consistent support of Shell over the years, the video appears to be a display of Lego supporting Greenpeace’s message until the ending scene reveals the shocking announcement: “Tell Lego to end its partnership with Shell.”

Greenpeace brought out this effective campaign video to commemorate the two-year anniversary of their “Save the Arctic” campaign that targeted Shell’s drilling in the Arctic. After a year of pointless talks between the environmental organisation and Lego regarding the Shell support, Greenpeace launched this campaign to focus solely on the toy brand and call for immediate action.

UGC and entertainment chart

One man, one keyboard player, an average song, and a thousand voices (OK, only 29 voices), prepare to have your mind blown. Rob Cantor blasts out his new song, Perfect, in the guise of different celebrities and characters and does a fantastic job.

First off, you get the classics of Kermit and Jack Black, but then lo and behold, he blasts out some killer impressions. Watch out for Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Cher (truly WTF) and Britney Spears.

What a way to plug a new album, but if only he sang in these impressions for every track. The ‘impression’ of himself only disappoints after hearing Bjork’s voice coming out of the mouth of a bearded man.

The title of this UGC video alone pretty much guarantees a host of Star Wars super-fans frothing at the mouth and crazed repeated plays of the ‘footage’. Yes, it is faked; yes, it is tongue-in-cheek and yes, it is perfectly innocent. A fan has merely edited some footage of Frankfurt Airport into looking like the set of the new Star Wars film with good graphics and animation, recreating imperial cruisers.

Squeak of the week

What happens when a greedy bear with bad luck tries to scoop milk out of an old milk can? He gets it stuck on his head. And how is one supposed to get this can off the head of a scared/angry/confused black bear? From the safety of a bloody huge WI Lumberjack mechanical thingy, of course. Run free, Mr Bear, run free.

Chris Quigley is a marketing meme lover and founder of awesomeness including #KittenCamp and VAN.