Five ways Wimbledon is getting social

WimbledonThis year is set to be Wimbledon’s most social yet. It has a digital audience of 20 million, but only 500,000 people will actually get to go to the championship. The tournament has invested a huge amount in bringing its digital strategy up to date to better connect with fans and bring them closer to the action.

The big screens on Henman Hill (or is it Murray Mound?)

Previously used to play matches for those not lucky enough to have scored tickets, now the big screens will show user-generated content. There will be tweets, pictures and votes appearing on screen, encouraging the audience to respond to match-based questions and news. ‘Hill vs. World’ is a social gauge, which will compare the conversation between the audience on the hill and people at home. It even includes heat maps showing the location of tweets and posts.

Live replays via Grabyo

The video player which lets you share instant sports replays, live TV moments and breaking news clips has linked up with Wimbledon to allow the tournament to provide live replays on Twitter.

Twitter campaigns and competitions

The team at Wimbledon have launched specific Twitter campaigns such as #WelcomeBackAndy. Fans can tweet with this hashtag and receive a little prize in the form of a digital photo of Murray winning Wimbledon last year, personalised with their own Twitter handle.

A ‘Twitter Mirror’ has been positioned in the long Wimbledon queues so that those waiting in line can take a photo, post it with #selfie and enter a daily competition to win goodies.

IBM’s ‘SlamTracker’

Watch out for every Tom, Dick and Harry becoming an expert on Nadal’s forehand and Federer’s serve. With SlamTracker spectators have access to data that tracks a player’s actual performance against key performance indicators.

The Wimbledon App

The app has been updated for 2014. The design is much more visually engaging, giving users access to live scores, results, news and the blog, plus endless photos and videos. It’s a more personalised, social experience for users, providing content 24 hours a day no matter where you are.

In 2013, there were 6.6 million Wimbledon-related tweets, and Murray’s Wimbledon victory was the UK’s third most tweeted-about moment of the year. This year, 63% of UK Twitter users are planning to watch the Championship. With engagement campaigns in place and a Wimbledon community already in full flow, there’s no doubt that records will be smashed.

Peter Veash is chief executive of The BIO Agency

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