Sponsored: Can a brilliant creative idea come from a crowd?

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We all know the saying: “No statue was ever erected to honor a committee.” This is often attributed to David Ogilvy to highlight how compromises that stem from a group could level down creative thinking.

But what if instead of a committee, you could tap into the collective creative power of a crowd? A crowd composed, not of disengaged employees turning up for a forced brainstorming session but hundreds of passionate, creative individuals working in parallel to crack your creative challenges…

Hyundai’s creative challenge was simple yet complex: “How do we bring to life our global brand campaign ‘live brilliant’ with fresh creative expressions that show a car can create special experiences beyond transportation.”

Besides taking you from A to B, there are other roles that a car can play in one’s life. Through our crowd sourcing platform, we challenged the eYeka community to tell us an original, unique and engaging story where people have a brilliant, memorable experience with a car, in the form of videos and print ads.

In five weeks, we received 233 entries from countries as diverse as France, the USA, Indonesia, China and Italy.


One idea from an Italian creator nicknamed Oceanomare talks about “personal mobile inspiration” and depicts a man sitting in his Hyundai, stopping by a majestic tree, who decides to draw a tree house on the car window to complement it. It shows two levels of innovation, the first one is a new perspective, where instead of seeing a car from the outside, you are seeing the world from the car; and if you are seeing the world from your car, surely it will influence your perception, wherever you go. Hence the concept of “personal mobile inspiration”.

This brilliant idea was adapted by Hyundai into a series of ads showing how a cloud can turn into an ice cream when you hold a cone up to the car window, or musical notes could be drawn on the window when passing by electrical power lines.

Hyundai live brilliant print campaign – execution 1


Caption: Hyundai live brilliant print campaign – execution 2


The campaign ran in airline magazines such as Emirates, Lufthansa, British airways, Air France, Korean-air and Asiana as well as global publications such as The Economist.

Won-sang Cho, head of brand communication team at Hyundai Motors, said: We wanted to know how consumers around the world express ‘live brilliant’, through their own eyes, not the brand’s. We gave them an opportunity to lead the creative process and received many inspiring ideas in return. I am proud to say, from the campaign results that it was indeed a refreshing, winning approach.”