Future stars: Seenit founder Emily Forbes on changing how we all create video

Emily Forbes SeenitEvery week, The Wall is profiling a different tech start-up as part of our Future Stars series. The companies are part of  the Collider programme – the organisation that puts tech start-ups in contact with big brands and investors to help them get business advice and funding for their new ventures.

Today we meet Emily Forbes, founder of video app Seenit. She impressed at Collider’s recent Demo Day – her pitch (and she was the only woman to front one) was voted the winner by an audience of potential investors, and partner agencies and brands.

Sum up your company in one simple sentence:

With Seenit, brands can activate the largest film crew they will ever have – their fans. It doesn’t just work with fans, ‘direct and collect’ video with journalists, employees, experts from around the world.

Why should brands be excited about you?

Video can be very expensive, labour intensive and time consuming to produce. So simply put, we make it easy to create lots of interesting video. Brands can now easily direct and collect video from all over the world, make quick edits and share straight to social. They can even push out edited and curated user video to social media whilst events are happening, allowing brands to be reactive and relevant.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about what it takes to get a tech start-up off the ground?

Get your product out there, even if it’s not quite ready, on small controlled projects. There will be so much you learn and it will reshape your roadmap from what you thought it would be, time and time again. As a start-up you have the advantage of being adaptable and flexible to what your clients and the market needs.

Which social media platform can we talk to you on?

Get in touch with us through Twitter @_seenit.

What’s your exit strategy?

First things first, we want to be the best ‘direct, collect, curate’ platform. Then we will be looking to exit in a few years…however, there’s a lot to do until then.

Seen it

Aside from your own, what tech innovation should the sector be talking about?

Jukedeck – I spoke to the founder a few weeks ago and what they’ve created is unbelievable. It’s a technology that creates original rights-free music for videos, games, whatever you need. It composes music in real time, which is seriously useful, especially for Seenit. You can review video coming in, select the mood, tempo etc, hit a button and within moment you have a unique track to use and share. It’s still early days for the start up but watch this space…

From a consumer perspective, what piece of new technology do we need in our lives?

Everyone should download Headspace. It’s a meditation app that you use for 10 minutes a day. I wasn’t sure if I could get into it but it’s amazing. They call it ‘ The World’s First Gym Membership For The Mind’ and for good reason.

When it comes to web distractions, what’s your site of choice?

Vice – on all platforms. Its app is also brilliant… distracting… but brilliant.