It’s not too late for marketers to join the World Cup

World Cup Brazil by Diego Lourenco Gurgel/FlickrThe Brazil 2014 World Cup is going to set the digital media world on fire as consumers take to their devices to follow the event, presenting a huge digital audience for brands to tap into.

The lay of the land for brands is very different compared to the 2010 South Africa World Cup, when tablets were only just appearing and smartphones were not yet treated as an extension of the arm.

So how do brands join in on what World Cup sponsor Budweiser has coined ‘the biggest social conversation ever’… without having to invest in millions of ad bucks?

The answer: Content

With over a billion television viewers expected to tune in to this year’s World Cup, the majority will also go online and mobile to keep up with fixtures and scores and bide time during ad breaks.

The event will also see the rise of social television, as viewers take to social media to share their TV experiences and join in on the biggest social conversation ever with peers.

According to Millward Brown’s latest AdReaction report, TV is generally more of a starting point and digital devices are used to continue and complete tasks, i.e. find out more information about what’s on TV, interact with what’s happening on TV and follow up on a TV ad.

This presents the perfect opportunity for brands to engage with consumers across multiscreens and supply them with engaging content via earned and social media. And Budweiser’s ‘Rise as One’ campaign is exemplary in its approach to this.

In addition to the traditional TV advert, Budweiser has also launched a mobile app and an online content hub for consumers. The Budlocator app allows users to geo-target their location to find the nearest pub selling Budweiser and also allows users to locate the nearest TV screens and live music, to maximise World Cup fever. On top of that, it’s dedicated ‘Rise as One’ site hosts entertaining video content, competitions, articles and a football hero wall of fame, allowing users to log in via their Facebook accounts to enjoy the content.

With fluid integration of mobile, online and social media, Budweiser has created its own World Cup ecosystem, which has the power to really draw in fans. And this is what the consumers of today expect and desire – a seamless digital experience, beyond the TV.

The appetite for entertaining and engaging content is there. And it doesn’t require you to invest millions of pounds. For the next few weeks, we will come together to watch the world’s biggest football tournament. It will dominate lives, the news agenda and just about every conversation. And it’s not too late for brands to join in and tap into a thriving digital audience. With the right content the possibilities for creative thinking are endless.

Cameron Hulett is executive director, EMEA of Undertone