Eurovision Twitter: UK was the real runner up and Graham Norton the most mentioned

EurovisionMolly Smitten-Downs may have come 17th in the Eurovision Song Contest but not on Twitter, where she was mentioned in 140,700 tweets. Only Austria’s Conchita could beat her, with 271,650 mentions.

The BBC’s very own Graham Norton (@grahnort) was the most mentioned Twitter handle, followed closely by @bbceurovision and above the official @eurovision handle.

And while the UK likes to poke fun at Eurovision, London was the top time zone with 44% of users mentioning Eurovision.

The most popular tweet of the day was Russell Brand in a dress, in homage to Conchita.

5,384,678 tweets were sent around the Eurovision final, which amounted to 47,136 tweets per minute during the show.

SocialBro's stats for Eurovision contest

  • Jillian Ney

    Did you do any analysis to find out what people were saying in the 140,700 tweets? Context behind the conversation tells us a lot more than the buzz numbers.