Has Nike scored an own goal with their World Cup advert?

Cristiano RonaldoIs it me or is every Nike football tournament advert the same? The latest Nike TV advert for the World Cup could easily have been used in 2010 or the Euro’s in 2012 or 2008.

They’re all the same and they’re getting boring and predictable. Is that what the Nike brand is now?

Take a look at these TV adverts and you’ll see what I mean.

They all have Ronaldo or a Ronaldo figure as the star who waltzes around all the other stars introducing new shirts/boots and it’s all so product led not brand led marketing.

They all have smart aleck winks and phrases that have been repeated many times now. It’s all so unimaginative and unoriginal. Surely time to change the creative agency?

They have even lost their humour and become forgettable and all too clumsy in their promoting of the products and the Nike brand.

This is a holistic brand advert for their World Cup stars that will naturally lead to an increase all-around of Nike football releated products if done well. It doesn’t need the boots for example rammed down our throats when we see every player playing with different boots every week in the Premiership or La Liga.

Is it a case of “well, the last one worked, won awards and got social engagement and so did all the others so this one will too?” Is that the limit of the creativity of what you could do with such a unique and previously boundary pushing brand?  Where’s the differentiation with the competitors? This could quite easily be an adidas brand advert.

We all know that these adverts are classic guearilla marketing as the unofficial sports brands kit brand that always gains more brand recognition than the official sponsor adidas for the World Cup/Euro’s. So on that basis you could say that they worked?

Do Nike now look more official than adidas and is that their intention? I would actually put the recognition down to adidas adverts being even more boring, forgettable and predictable than Nike’s.

It’s easy to ask an audience who they remember as a sponsor if people who answer that prefer the perceived-to-be cooler, unofficial brand who spend the most amount of money on the world’s most over exposed footballer (Ronaldo) and probably buy their boots/shoes/shirts etc of Barcelona and Manchester United.

What happed to the Nike brand? With the Nike Fuel Band being pulled due to bad sales and poor performance these new World Cup adverts communicate a brand that has lost its cutting marketing edge and brand appeal and lost its way relying on old tricks and the same old TV advert feel.

If all they’re going to spend their money on in 2015 on another brand that is having similar downwardly motions, Manchester United, then they really are up a creek without a paddle or a decent TV advert.

  • Scott Caldwell

    I think it is very well executed and obviously plays to the universal desire of guys to pretend they are footballing superstars. It is very similar but why change something when it produces results over and over again? And do brands like Nike feel they still need to plough as much cash in to TV spots when there are far more creative opportunities with social media?

  • Brandman_9

    Agree, yawn. It’s been done before… Nike ads used to innovate and inspire, now they’re just lazy and show lack of imagination.

  • petermccormack

    Yeah, so you’re just wrong

  • Russ

    Agree with the article. The brand is an innovator (supposedly). Demonstrate this in everything the brand stands for. The recent ads don’t work hard enough. Any boot brand could be associated with this fantasy ad.

  • peoplewelike

    Every four years is a new group of young football obsessed boys who see this for the first time. They are amazed. For the rest of us, you are right but it’s still always amazing and fun to watch. They need to keep pushing to make it surprising for sure. Own goal? No way.

  • dinnerforwolves

    Ibrahimović isn’t even playing the World Cup this summer.

  • Richard Turrell

    The difference is that these aren’t actors that wear other boots and kit they are fully paid up brand advocates. I agree that it is becoming a little tired although having hung up my Adidas boots many years ago I am not the target audience.

    The reality is that no other boot manufacturer could do this as only Nike have this calibre of cast. I’m sure some people would prefer Ronaldo to discuss the pros of Nike’s brand, akin to the Santander adverts, but surely sometimes we just have to sit back and enjoy an advertising campaign that is a true brand identifier.

    The fact that you remember that Nike has been doing this for years justifies the format as I struggle to remember any of their competitors efforts from South Africa 2010.