Infographic: How we respond to personalised content

infographic retailTen per cent of UK online shoppers have purchased an item whilst on the toilet. That’s according to a survey by Sailthru, providers of personalised marketing technology, which aimed to find out how consumers feel about personalised content from brands.

The survey of 1,000 UK consumers found mums are more likely to make the most of bedtime with 72% admitting they have purchased items whilst still in bed. Results also showed 42% of online shoppers have abandoned a purchase because it was too complicated to complete on a mobile device.



  • Katey Walter

    This all reads like it’s seeking to validate a belief. Not sure I trust these numbers. Of course we need to keep a perspective here – official Government figures show us that only 11.5% of retail spend is on-line, 88.5% is off-line in the real world. And that is a real fact.

  • Katey Walter

    Is this a paid advotorial for Sailthru?