Infographic: The key to pitch success

pitch processNew research commissioned by visual content and production strategy agency Saddington Baynes has revealed the three most important success factors when it comes to pitching creative work.

The results showed concept visualisation, chemistry with the client, and strategy and insight are the key factors.

The research polled 100 creative agency and marketing professionals. More than half (57%) of agency personnel involved in new business pitches considered the visualisation of a concept to be a key success factor and a third of marketers say that lack of ability to visualise an idea is a reason for not awarding business to a creative agency. Just over half (53%) of agency people chose chemistry with the client, with a third of respondents (37%) choosing strategy and insight.

The report also showed that on average agencies are devoting almost £7,000 in non-billable studio time to the pitch process, and estimates the total pitch spend in 2014 to be £18.8 billion.

SaddingtonBaynes Top 3 Success Factors in Pitching Creative Work photo Pitch_Visual_Infographic

  • George Rutherford

    Very interesting research!