Five ways to make Facebook work for your brand

Facebookbuilding640Facebook continues to be an important platform in the world of marketing, and now more than ever is a necessary element of any advertiser’s media mix.  In its Q4 2013 earnings report, Facebook stated that more than one million advertisers are now looking to reach the 750 million+ users who visit the site each day.

But with an increasing number of ways to leverage this powerful platform, brand marketers need to stay attuned to some of the most proven approaches while exploiting the latest set of marketing tactics.  Here are a few tips on how to make Facebook work for your brand.

1. Activate your audience through paid media

Most brands have made a significant investment (both time and money) to building out their Facebook communities.  They have compelling pages and have been developing high-quality content that drives engagement. But are they maximising the opportunity simply by investing in their ‘owned’ media?  Through some targeted, paid advertising across Facebook, brands can unlock the true value of these communities by increasing the level of interaction with their existing fans, while acquiring new fans that can become loyal brand ambassadors.

2. Be clear on your objectives

Facebook can be used to deliver against important business objectives – increasing brand awareness, finding new customers, retaining existing customers, or driving mobile app penetration. It’s important to be clear on marketing goals ahead of time, and then measure success based on the relevant metrics for each goal.

3. Know your fans to deploy more effective paid advertising

A best practice is to identify the demographics of your most active fans, and also the geographic locations that trend the most.  These simple insights, along with other data that you have collected about your ideal customers, can help you build the right targeting profiles when deploying ad campaigns on Facebook.

4. Leverage Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities

In addition to the native targeting capabilities in Facebook (ie, demographic and interest-based targeting) Facebook is now making some highly advanced targeting options available to advertisers.  For example, the opportunity to target your actual customers across Facebook using their “Custom Audiences” product can extend your customer-relationship-management efforts in a significant way.

5. Test-and-learn

Regardless of your objectives – brand awareness, online sales, offline sales, mobile app installs, etc – Facebook offers multiple ways for you to measure progress against your goals. A number of these measurement solutions deliver insights in real time (or at least very frequently), which enables a marketer to make changes to the targeting, creative mix, and frequency while the campaign is still live. Using these insights to improve your advertising results is one of the best ways to make Facebook work for your brand.

Frankly Martin is vice president of business development EMEA at Adaptly