How to know your video campaign was a success?

ViewabilityViewability has been a hot topic in advertising for a few years now. While industry bodies struggle to agree on a standard metric that marketers can measure themselves against, the latter have been left in the dark as to whether their video campaigns are a success or not.

The most recent IAB Digital Adspend report showed UK video ad spend is growing at 86% so we know it’s an increasingly important way for marketers to achieve their brand goals. To help them better understand how their video advertising investments are performing, Tremor Video recently launched ‘average viewability percentage’.

This metric represents the average percentage of a video ad that is viewable on the browser screen, as measured at specifically defined time intervals during the video’s duration.

To achieve this, pixels are fired at every quartile of a video ad that runs through our ad server to determine how much of the video player is viewable on the page. We then take the number of an ad’s pixels the viewer saw divided by the number of pixels that could have been seen to get average viewability percentage (see image).

The Media Rating Council has accredited this metric, produced by our VideoHub technology platform. The introduction of average viewability percentage to the UK advertising market is important because it allows brand marketers to gain a better understanding of how their video ad campaigns performed. I think we can all agree that an ad that is partially in-view, or not viewed to completion cannot positively increase brand health metrics.

The reports give advertisers an opportunity to develop their own standards for their video campaigns. With this type of reporting they aren’t being measured against a metric that was derived by an industry group that really just gets at the lowest common denominator between advertisers and publishers. It’s a complete view of how their ad performed. Once a marketer has their results, they can best determine a baseline and measure against other campaigns of their own.

Alex Macnamara is UK managing director at Tremor Video