Promoting creativity without process

Rush‘Creativity is at the heart of the business’ seems to be a familiar slide in the credentials of every agency. The term is bandied about without clear definition of what it is or the factors required to foster it.

To some it is simply seen as the result of exposure of, and subsequent adaptation to, repetitive processes – however inspiring they once were. To others, it will always be seen as a certain ‘je ne sais quois’ that gives one creative execution a head start over another.
Whatever the reality, the need for creativity has never been more prominent. The growth in digital, combined with the increased focus on measurable results, means that agencies which harness true creativity can demonstrate a clear competitive edge.

BD Network has developed a programme to ensure that its creative teams are continuously forward thinking and brimming with fresh ideas. Realising that the best creatives are able to combine an inquisitive approach to the world with robust industry experience, this programme has delivered a number of benefits. In addition to developing the agency’s core advantage, it has become central to attracting and retaining the best creative thinkers through engagement, individuality and freedom of expression.

DC_Shining Poster_A4Over the years highlights have included a project in association with East London’s Art Against Knives movement, where BD Network creatives designed a series of ‘Creatures’: mythical beasts so perfectly created they could adorn any wall. In total, 30 designs were created and displayed at AKK Boxpark gallery with the original artwork auctioned off at BD Network’s gallery open evening.

Our most recent campaign involved the redesigning of posters for famous iconic movies. The brief was that the posters could be as minimal or as complex as necessary, but there were some rules. The creative could not look like the original, the logo and title needed to be redesigned, and no stills could be used (although stills could be illustrated). With such an open brief there were many different techniques, with some focusing on beautiful illustrations, whereas others had stunning typography.

As well as being proud of the results, the posters are now available for view by the public in BD Network’s offices in Shoreditch, E1.

Daniel Fitzpatrick is design director at BD Network