Is Snapchat worthwhile for businesses?

snapchat logoMcDonald’s has become yet another big brand to start using photo sharing app Snapchat to market themselves, joining companies like Audi, Taco Bell and MTV who have also got accounts.

But is this the right social marketing platform for small or medium companies?

Engage People Who Know Your Business
The only thing about Snapchat is you need people to follow you in order to send them pictures. These can be gained by letting your followers on Facebook and Twitter know you have joined the app .

Recent research by Sumpto, who measure social influence, discovered 69% of students would add a brand because they follow them on another social network and 73% of them would open a Snapchat from a brand they have heard of before.

Unlike posts on social networks, Snaps are sent directly to your followers. This gives you a way of interacting with individuals rather than groups, bringing a personal touch which other social marketing cannot provide you with.

Limited Reach
However the flip side of the app is people may feel like you are spamming them if you send them photos and they haven’t decided to follow you. This means if your social media followers don’t add you, you have no way of accessing them through Snapchat. If brand awareness is one of your social aims then the photo app is probably the wrong option.

Difficult to Track
At the moment there is no direct way to track the success of Snapchat campaigns, making it more difficult to know if your efforts have been worthwhile. You’ll need to create a specific landing page or an exclusive discount code to be able to analyse how many snaps are bringing in business.

As with any element of your social marketing strategy you need to keep in mind what you want to achieve. Snapchat can be a great way for any business to make an impression on its followers in a fresh and fun way because not that many are using it at the moment, but it may be more difficult to achieve the large audience which you can reach out to on other social networks.

Katie Norwood is a Digital Marketing Executive at London Creative, a creative advertising agency.