Three in five Twitter mobile users are on Twitter while watching TV

PeopleWatchingTV second screenWe’ve covered at length the issue of ‘second screens‘ and how people watch television these days, but Twitter has reminded us this week how important it is to take this behaviour into account with new research into its userbase revealing that 80 per cent of all Twitter users in the UK access the service with their mobiles, and of this 80 per cent, three in five are on Twitter while they watch television.

Twitter has mobile in its DNA – it started life as a text-based service after all – and the new research, conducted by Nielsen found that as many as 70 of UK users say mobile devices are the primary way that they access Twitter. Of these mobile-first users, 80 per cent said that their Twitter activity is done from a range of locations throughout the day.

Those who primarily use Twitter on their mobile device are 1.2 times as likely to engage daily than average users and 58 per cent of them access the platform several times a day.

But back to the issue of tweeting and watching television, Nielsen’s latest data found that found that more than 50 per cent of mobile users visit websites of brands they follow and 30 per cent have gone on to buy a product. Which explains the proliferation of advertising campaigns to be found on the social network.

Twitter has recently released a couple of case studies where advertisers have tried to use the trend to their advantage, namely @Dominos_UK and @benandjerrysUK. (You can read more about them here and here.)

There’s also an infographic summarising the Nielsen findings, which could be of use if you’re planning campaigns.


  • Behrouz

    Sounds about right!

    It all goes back to Twitter’s being so real-time, in fact as real-time as a TV programme or a live event.

    I think it’s because it helps people join and engage with a [maybe temp] community for a live event, whether it’s on TV or it’s a concert or something. This is a community of the people who are enjoying the same thing at the same time.