Have Linkin Park and Eminem made the greatest album ever or is this UGC taken to the limits?

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.35.22I was looking through the web for any new Linkin Park material the other day when I found potentially the greatest album ever made. Linkin Park and Eminem together in Collison Course II. The eagerly awaited follow-up a decade later to Collision Course I from Linkin Park and Jay-Z that includes the amazing JiggaWhatFaint mix. Wow I thought and I haven’t seen any marketing for it.

There would be a reason for that. It’s not an official release.

In fact it’s as far away from an official release as you can get. Yet it’s the most downloaded “album” for Linkin Park at the moment and has hundreds of thousands of downloads on YouTube and it’s brilliant. It has literally caught Linkin Park and Eminem fans on the hop, many wanted it, many asked for it but none dared dream it could actually happen. Two monsters of rap-rock together on the same album.

It is the ultimate example of UGC. The quality is almost of an official release nature and the fans love it. It contains sublime mixes of Burn it Down and Love the Way You Lie which combines the power and emotion of both together.

But what do the artists think and what do the record companies think? Linkin Park has always embraced the web, accepted that their fans download music for free and even hold regular competitions to create mixes for singles. They have created a partnership with Dell for brand endorsed software that allows fans to do take their music apart and put it back together. So now that an entire new album has  been produced and has taken that to the next level what do they think of their work mixed with Eminem?

In the words of the mixer it’s the:

“Sequel to the 2004 ‘Collision Course EP’ by Jay-Z & Linkin Park mashup EP and a blend of Hip Hop recording artist Eminem & Nu-Collision_Course_CD-DVD_coverMetal,Rap/Rock Band Linkin Park. I have taken the liberty to create a sequel to it, by blending Eminem acapellas & Linkin Park instrumentals into single songs with additional production from my camp.” He makes sure you know that it’s no way official (just as well).

Judge for yourself, here’s the link to the album (at your end risk):


  • James De Vile

    Is this news? Or even blogworthy? People have been making mashup albums for decades – some ending up with professional releases, such as American Edit, the unofficial Green Day remix album. Calling it “the ultimate example of UGC” is a bit like saying the newspaper is “the ultimate example of print-based content publishing”

  • Steven Sivelle

    I think they should do a album together I mean they both have come back albums

  • Diablo Mistaken

    Actually we LP fans got confused as if it’s an official one or not