Bauer Media launches new female lifestyle brand site

The DebriefSlowly but surely media companies are realising there is a growing need for female voices and content, and advertisers are realising what a boon such content is. Today Bauer Media is launching The Debrief, a lifestyle site that they describe as “an innovative multi-platform brand for constantly connected, influential ABC1 20-something women.”

The site goes live today, with major brands Bacardi and H&M as launch partners, and will place significant emphasis on delivering content and campaigns through social.

As the homepage pictured below shows, content is heavily lifestyle focused, with sharing capability built in from the homepage (just look at all the social network sharing buttons at the top). The design is clearly aimed at hitting the Buzzfeed/Pinterest sweet spot, with large visuals and related content to keep you hooked into the page.

Such a proposition should appeal strongly to advertisers, particularly giving the spending habits of a young, female audience. Bauer promise that The Debrief “will offer innovative native advertising solutions across all channels enabling commercial partners to speak directly to the consumer in an authentic, meaningful way.”

Ulrika Miller, marketing manager at launch partner H&M believe that working with The Debrief will help “targeting our 20 something audience with relevant and engaging content.” Paul Keenan, Chief Executive of Bauer Media commented:

“We’re hugely excited about the launch of The Debrief. We believe it is genuinely different and will engage and resonate with this influential audience.”

After the success of the MailOnline’s Femail, and the Daily Telegraphs Wonder Women, it’s no surprise Bauer Media are keen to exploit this key media and advertising market.

The DebriefUpdate 14:55

I’ve spoken to Lauren Holleyoake, the publisher of The Debrief, and she gave me some further insight into what is in store for the site. She says: “The distinct design came from audience insight, talking to the types of girls who will read the site, although we took inspiration across the board when coming up with the design.”

Holleyoake also agreed that “mobile is key”, as people want content on different devices at different times, and The Debrief has been built with a responsive design  which “fits seamlessly” across devices to reflect that.

Given the success of other magazines Bauer publishes, like Heat and Grazia, Holleyoake says The Debrief was designed because “we wanted to continue doing what we do best”, and because the potential for targeting 20-something girls is relatively untapped.

As far as working with brands, Holleyoake believes that people just want good, entertaining, interesting content, whether it comes from a publisher or a brand they are partnering with. After having such big launch partners, who will The Debrief be working with in the future, I ask? “Watch this space,” says Holleyoake. It seems there are exciting plans ahead!