When it comes to Golden Globes, the crowd doesn’t always know best

Steve McQueen Golden GlobesCan you accurately predict award winners by the amount of social and online news coverage they get? Well no, according to content discovery platform Outbrain.

While Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a A Slave won the top gong for Best Drama at the 71st Golden Globes on Sunday (pictured), it wasn’t the People’s Pick.

Outbrain used personalised links that recommend content across  a network of more than 700 publishers to analyse online content consumption.

The company tracked online page views of all the Golden Globes nominees and discovered what shone online didn’t necessarily sparkle on the night. The results reveal The People’s Pick for Best Drama, collecting the most page views per story, was Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

The Peoples’ Pick winners didn’t collect any awards. However the Media Darlings (those with the most stories about them published online, according to Outbrain) proved a little  more accurate.

Media Darlings Leonardo DiCaprio and 12 Year’s A Slave both collected the most page views per story and went on to pick up a statue at the awards ceremony.


Image of Steve McQueen from Instagram user Golden Globes.