Infographic: Understanding data and automated marketing are trends for 2014

data word cloudGood news for agencies – 98 per cent of marketers plan to increase or maintain their spend in 2014. Even better news if you’re a data analytics specialist, because this is the number one area for increasing budgets, with 61 per cent of marketers saying they plan to spend more in this area.

The findings are part of our 2014 State of Marketing report and should lay to rest the myth that marketers don’t ‘get’ big data– not only does the global marketing community understand the value of data analytics, but it has pledged to make it the number one priority for increased investment in digital marketing this year. As consumer and business audiences continue to fragment across many devices, this hyper-connected climate makes getting closer to customers more challenging and rewarding than ever before. The drive to prioritise analytics sets the most innovative and forward-thinking CMOs apart from the rest, with CEOs increasingly turning to them to drive business strategy.

In the context of the ‘age of mobile’, it’s perhaps surprising that nearly 9 out of 10 marketers surveyed believe email marketing remains a crucial driver of ROI in digital marketing. This reflects the enduring effectiveness of email as a marketing channel, but it’s also important to remember that no single channel should be prioritised over all others, but integrated with everything else – social networks, customer service teams and offline marketing alike – to drive the best results.


Kyle Lacy is Global Content Marketing & Research Manager at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing.