When’s the best time to post your content around the world?

time waitingWhen do you consume the most content online? And more importantly as a marketer when does your audience?

We know that content must be enriching or entertaining for it to have true value, and brands must also consider how to share it with their audiences for it to be most effectively consumed.  How and when it’s posted can have a big impact on the success of any online content.

To help identify the best time to post content, native content discovery platform Outbrain looked at how global audiences were consuming data on a specific day of the week – Monday. Whilst the week is still getting started, Internet users in markets across the world are diving into content consumption mode at different points throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 14.02.59

·       Early risers: Germans consume most content in the morning

·       Lunch-breakers: The U.K., U.S. and Australia, sneak some content discovery in during lunch time.

·       Siesta Surfers: For Spain 2pm is peak content consumption time

·       The Night Owls: Singaporeans are the most nocturnal of the bunch, consuming content right before bed.

Outbrain analysed data based on all paid links that ran in its network between mid-January and mid-April 2013. Consumption was measured by average impression volume across all Mondays in this timeframe.

So what does this mean for marketers? When posting content for a global audience, not all times of day are equal. It makes sense then to deliver the content you worked hard to create to your audience when they’re looking to discover it.

Audiences around the world consume content differently, possibly influenced by different working hours or cultural nuances, such as Spanish consumers having a siesta after lunch – so marketers must consider how and when to post in each country for their material to have the most impact.

Understanding what each local audience wants to read can also have a big impact on the success of content marketing.  To help here, Outbrain has created a spectrum of global engagement patterns (based on post click engagement across every day of the week) to give an overview of how different types of content are consumed in different parts of the world.

global times

·       UK audiences are most engaged with news, sport and automotive content

·       Americans break the stereotype of being less aware of current events, showing the highest engagement with news content

·       Interestingly, Israeli Internet users, despite living within a hub of innovation and start-ups, are minimally interested in tech content

·       Super Fans: France, Singapore and Spain are big sports enthusiasts

Through an understanding of your audience and their content consumption habits, marketers can help maximise the impact of any content marketing efforts. Focusing first and foremost on creating valuable content means readers will gain something from these efforts, and through localising and posting this content at the optimum time, they are even more likely to consume it.

Sarah Gavin is Marketing Director of Outbrain Europe.

  • hamishpringle

    Very interesting data – did you look at other days of the week? Or is Monday typical?

  • Matt Tuckey

    Might stick some blog posts up at lunchtime on my days off! Normally put it up after tea time (7pm ish) when most people seem to be on Facebook.

  • Claire Precious

    I would be very keen to see other days of the weeks also for an overall comparison.

  • Sarah Gavin

    We do have data for every day, but the data for
    Monday is typical of a weekday – so you can apply this for all work days.

  • http://www.paisleypower.com/ PaisleyPower Pat

    i was intrigued by these stats. No early risers! thanks for handy info. Patrick, Essex. http://www.paisleypower.com

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