Infographic: Content marketing trends in China for 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 09.08.38Fancy a snapshot of what the Chinese content marketing space may look like throughout 2014?

As we get the New Year underway, an infographic by multimedia and news distribution company PR Newswire looks back at the 2013 content marketing space in China. It also takes a crack at what 2014 may hold.  Entitled (take a deep breath) ‘2014 trends in content marketing and in assessing the effectiveness of ROI in a new media environment’, it reviews a few elements of what made the Chinese content marketing a vibrant arena in 2013 and looks at what may have an impact in throughout this year. As the global economy grows ever more intertwined and regions like Asia more important, knowing what clicks in that market grows more critical.

The infographic accompanies the Companies in China Assess Content Marketing Trends, ROI Impact report, reviewing what it sees being areas of interest in the Asia content marketing space and the issues that had an impact upon it.  In an attempt to take on the evolution of content, the infographic probes a few Asian messaging services, social networks, mobile news apps and explores how more securing budget will require more evidence of ROI. It also outlines what may be on the radar of marketers – the Holy Grail – evidence.  There aren’t any great surprises here. Indeed, the infographic seeks to debate how the expectations of content marketing will grow further over the next 12-months and beyond. There will more of a need to demonstrate effectiveness and conversions rates.

Just a few reveals from the report and via the press release for this region by PR Newswire include:

– Businesses currently use an average of six content marketing tools, with fewer than four tools creating results that have more impact

– Thirty-one per cent of brands will reduce spend across traditional channels in 2014

– Even though 65 per cent of the companies surveyed claims investment and use of WeChat (pictured) will grow, only 24.4 per cent thought positively about its effectiveness in producing results

Although there is interesting information covered throughout the infographic, there’s also some weird phrasing such as more ‘budgets, require more ROI’ when it should perhaps be ‘more ROI require more budgets.’ Nonetheless, it’s a decent review of a market that peaks interest given factors such as its sheer size, growth and the impact that it may have as we work through 2014.

Content marketing has been with us for longer than many care to admit, realise, and/or have experience of – but now it’s being picked up on the radar by many more agencies and brands (and rightly so).  The job titles and roles advertised towards last year reflect this (for both agencies and brand) and may be themes we’ll see continue. Content strategy, content marketing et al very well may be buzzwords this year and beyond.  It’s not like they’ve not surfaced before for many that were tuned in the first time around.  They may again, but as always, successful practitioners leave the hype at the door and focus upon the reality.


Tim Gibbon is the founder and director at Elemental, a communications consultancy. He tweets @elementalcomms, @smponline and @timgibbon