Why I bought 8,000 Instagram followers for £9

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 12.59.34I love Instagram. It’s by far and away my favourite social network. I was personally a big Facebook user, and although I’m on it 24/7 for work, I’ve seen in the past 18 months it become a lot more saturated with naff content, lame memes and uninspiring marketing messages. Only a few weeks ago I witnessed my first auto-play video advert in my timeline from British Airways, it was a nice video but having it automatically play was jilting.
This morning, I was on the hunt for a freelancer to help out with a project and was told about People Per Hour via one of our SEO team. After trawling the site I was shown a trending, highly-reviewed advert for adding 8,000 Instagram followers for the princely sum of £9. Less than a six-piece bargain bucket at KFC.
I’ll admit that I was immediately curious. We all know that Facebook punishes brand pages for fake Likes. But what about Instagram? It’s part of the Facebook Group, but doesn’t feel like it adheres to the same rules. They recently launched Direct Messages to compete with Snapchat, brands have immediately capitalised on this feature, notably Gap, with the first campaign. As we get even more hyped up about this network, and the ones to follow we have an underlying crisis bubbling away. It’s all to easy, just to fake it.
My point in all of this? Reminding us all that this isn’t a race for likes, anyone with a credit card can buy numbers, but getting people to like, share and comment is the real measure of your social footprint.
You can see all my fake followers at @KarelKumar.