Infographic: UK radio stations are failing to reap the benefits of Twitter

pure digital radio listeningRadio Stations need to do more to engage with their listeners on Twitter and are failing to make social media pay, using poor content and missing targeting opportunities, according to research by Brandwatch.

The UK is a nation of radio aficionados, with 90% of the population tuning in during the third quarter of 2013. But they could be reaching a larger audience, according to the study, which found radio stations are failing to make the most of their fans on social media.

The study discovered audiences prefer interacting with a personality over a brand and are 20% more likely to interact with a radio presenter rather than with a station. Favourite topics include the song currently being played (30% of tweets), song requests (30%), talking about presenters (15%) and show content (12%).

And it pays be active online – the more frequently radio stations tweet, the more they are discussed. While radio channels tweet an average of 46 times a week 79% of their @mentions are directed at celebrities and just 21% at listeners.

The study also points out that only 15% of radio stations use an official hashtag in their tweets and none are promoting it in their Twitter bio.

Also hammering home the importance of being visible online are BBC’s Radio 1 and 2. The stations are the two most active on Twitter – and are also the more talked about.

Perhaps the biggest surprise revealed by the study is the failure of radio stations to take advantage of peak tweets times and days – Friday and Saturday are the peak audience days yet stations decrease their activity on these days.


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