Infographic: Social media and the UK

TwitterLaptop16401The UK is the most social country in the world. According to data from Offerpop social marketing, 95% of 16- to 20-year-old Brits have used Facebook in the past month but it’s the 25- to 34-year-old age group that are the most socially-active online.

And looking a little closer at UK social usage, women ever so slightly pip men, with 51% and 49% respectively.

If you’re job hunting for a social job in the UK, London is the place to be. The capital has more social media jobs than anywhere else, outside the US.

It seems the UK also has a bit of a sweet tooth – Cadbury brands make up two of the top three most liked pages on Facebook. In soapland, EastEnders has the most popular page with three million likes and Mr Bean is still proving popular – It may be several years since ithe show was last filmed but Rowan Atkinson’s alter ego still has the fastest growing Facebook page in the UK entertainment category.

Still on Facebook, Rhianna is the platform’s most liked celebrity, Coldplay is more more popular than The Beatles and  Manchester United FC  is the UK’s most liked sport page.

Over on Twitter, musician Adele has the most followed account in UK with 18,096, 813 and rising, while Wayne Rooney is the most popular sportsman with 7,321,722 followers.

When it comes to brands on Twitter Rockstar Games is most popular. The company behind GAT V has amassed a following of 1,676,473.

A birth in the family is always a cause for celebration and, rather predictably, the arrival of Baby George was no exemption. The heir to the throne’s arrival brought the British Monarchy account a boost of 40, 000 followers on the day he was born.

With so much chatter online comes as no surprise to learn that in the UK social media addiction is a recognised medical condition.


  • Steph Savill

    Let’s see if Manchester United holds that advantage over other Premiership clubs into 2014…