Pythons return with the Holy Grail of social media – a Reddit AMA

pythonChristmas came early for British comedy fans yesterday as classic sketch troupe Monty Python announced that they would be returning for a one of show next summer. The team, who shot to fame with their sketch show and three films, will play one final show at the O2 Arena in London.

For those on social media there was extra excitement as Eric Idle, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam sat down for a Reddit AMA.The answers were as they should be, charming, funny, chaotic, self deprecating, and a bit ridiculous.Eric Idle appears to be the instigator behind the 90-minute session, as he had previously conducted an AMA by himself. Some of the highlights include Terry Jones complaining that he was always made to dress up as a woman, Jones declaring the Knight’s of Ni “ridiculous”, and the revelation that the coconut horses joke in the Holy Grail came about because the budget could not cover actual horses!

The Pythons follow in the steps of the super famous conducting Reddit’s prized AMAs. This includes President Barack Obama, who managed to crash the site because his AMA was so popular! Tweeting this morning Eric Idle said:

That’s hard to know, ( it’s not like you can take a Python that seriously,) but it does show just how much reach and buzz these Reddit sessions can generate.

Monty Python have clearly realised that social media is going to be key in promoting themselves to a new generation of fans. Some of the Pythons are active on Twitter individually, but they have also created an @montypython Twitter account. Somewhat surprisingly this account only has 3,000 or so followers, far less than any of the individual members.  They did though post this Vine, which just about sums up their brand of humour:

Monty Python live will take place on the July 1st 2014, at the O2 Arena in London.